Mitarbeiter der KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH montiert Feinstfilter MicroPur®
Feinstfilter MicroPur - KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH


The MicroPur® is a reverse-flow filter for separating the finest impurities from cooling lubricants (oils and aqueous solutions).

• Backflushing filter for the separation of the finest impurities from oils and aqueous solutions
• Ideal field of application is tool grinding of carbide and high-speed steel
• Local use as a standardized single system or as an individual central system for entire production areas or for coolant maintenance in the bypass stream



High Filter fineness (1-3 µm)

Consistent high-quality filtration of the cooling lubricant

Quicker and more effective recovery cycle, low backflush volume

Recovery of valuable raw materials with little effort resulting in a high economic efficiency

Easy maintenance due to good accessibility and quick replacement of the filter elements

Space-saving installation

Cost-effective, power washable filter elements

Low consumption of filter elements without the use of filter aids

On demand pump control and backflushing without air

Energy-efficient operation with minimal operating costs

Flexible modular system with low space requirement

Applicable for a wide range of applications and requirements


Filtration process

  1. The dirty cooling lubricant flows tangentially into the filter bowl
  2. Centrifugal separation of larger solids by the inflow
  3. The cooling lubricant flows through the filter elements from the outside to the inside
  4. A filter cake (concentrate) forms on the surface of the filter element which supports the microfiltration like an additional depth filter
  5. The filtered cooling lubricant enters the clean tank


Regeneration process

  1. The increasing filter cake causes a reduction of the volume flow or an increase of the pressure difference at the filter cartridge
  2. The recovery phase is started via pressure or time control, the supply valve closes, and the drain valve opens
  3. The flushing pump briefly conveys cleaned cooling lubricant from the inside to the outside, the filter cake on the filter element dissolves
  4. The dissolved concentrate enters the sludge tank
  5. The liquid concentration is further treated by a downstream sludge treatment unit



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Data sheet
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