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The KNOLL AerosolMaster 4000 ATS is a minimum quantity lubrication system for almost all production processes with geometrically determined cutting edges, e.g. on processing centers, transfer lines, turning, milling, drilling, and sawing machines. Thanks to the broad product line and unique ATS (aerosol dry lubrication) technology,
the system is suitable for

  • easy processing with external or internal aerosol feed,
  • complex processes, where at least one of the following criteria applies: mass production, deep-hole drilling, thread forming, high speeds, many tools, small tools, monolith tools, multispindle machines, transfer lines, automotive, aerospace, medical, tool/mold design and construction.



Oil content and air pressure appropriately
adjustable with 30 programs

• Defined aerosol quality and constant aerosol flow, even with changing tools
• No pressure fluctuations on the tool
• Great process reliability
• Long tool service life, short processing times
• Low air and oil consumption
• Easy handling

Very fine and homogeneous aerosol

• Low-loss lubrication
• High speeds up to 45,000 rpm possible

Nearly dry chipping

• No adhesions
• Less cleaning work for parts and machines

Immediate availability of the aerosol on the blade after spindle start

• No maintenance times
• Great process reliability

Long aerosol lines up to 50 m possible

Flexible set-up

Optional machine connection via ProfiBus or ProfiNet

• Quick and variable NC programming
• Little adaptation required
• User-friendly

PLC control optionally by machine manufacturer with KNOLL program module

Ideal for OEM customers


1. Compressed air flows into the injector via an air venturi nozzle
2. Oil is fed to the venturi nozzle from the container
3. The venturi nozzle mixes air and oil into a very fine aerosol
4. Air and aerosol control valves define the air pressure and degree of saturation of the aerosol
5. The oil/air mixture then flows through:
    → Rotary feed-through
    → Spindle
    → Tool holder
    → Tool
    → Exit opening(s) at the processing point(s)



Minimum quantity lubrication system AerosolMaster 4000 ATS

Overview of our MQL-range:

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