The HydroPur filter system is a fleece filter for cleaning the cooling lubricant (KSS) in machining processes. It is used as an independent cleaning unit (e.g., when grinding) or as a supplement to chip transport systems (e.g., when milling).



Higher hydrostatic pressure compared to flat bed filters

• Higher volume flow
• Less fleece consumption
• Better level of purity

Build-up of a homogeneous filter cake, especially when grinding

• Good filter quality
• Short delivery time

Standardized construction

Favourable price-performance ratio

Modular design with configurable functional units

Optimal coverage of customer requirements

Plug-and-Play via universal, digital interface

Quick installation and start-up

Control with KNOLL SmartConnect

Simple operation and monitoring, also with a smartphone or tablet


Filtration process

  1. The dirty coolant goes from the machine tool into the filter trough
  2. Due to the hydrostatic pressure, the liquid flows through the filter fleece, which holds back the dirt particles
  3. The dirt particles form a filter cake that separates even the smallest particles
  4. The clean liquid flows into the filter chamber and collects in the clean tank
  5. Supply pumps supply the machine tool with cleaned coolant as required


Regeneration process

  1. The growing filter cake increases the flow resistance
  2. The liquid level in the filter trough increases
  3. The belt drive switches on at a defined level
  4. The carrier belt transports a piece of clean filter fleece onto the filter surface
  5. The level of the liquid decreases again
  6. A sludge container or a take-up unit takes up the dirty filter fleece



Filter system

Hydrostatic filter HydroPur

Data sheet
Data sheet
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Filter system

Hydrostatic filter HydroPur