KNOLL chip separators CS are devices for separating short chips, which the conveyor of a hinged or slat conveyor cannot hold back.

  • Use as pre-separator for reducing the chip carryover to a downstream cooling lubricant  (CL) filter
  • Use as independent cleaning unit for low purity specifications of the (CL)
  • Suitable for chips from a density of 2.7 g/cm3 in water-based (CL)


Main functions


  1. The lift pump conveys the chip/CL mixture tangential to the chip separator
  2. The centrifugal force conveys the chips outwards (primary vortex) before they go down into the chip bunker
  3. A secondary vortex rises upwards and the CL leaves the CS for CL treatment


  1. Cyclical opening of drain valve
  2. Accumulated chips are flushed from the chip bunker onto the conveyor belt

Combination options

For further requirements, on request we combine the chip separator with
• Conveying systems for transporting the chips
• Filter systems for cleaning the cooling lubricants and supplying the machine tool


Chip conveyor

Chip separator CS

Data sheet
Data sheet
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