Mitarbeiter der KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH montiert Vakuumfilter VLO
Filteranlage Vakuumfilter VLO - KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH


The vacuum filter VLO is designed for cleaning cooling lubricants (KSS) for grinding processes.

• Ideal for section and gear grinding with oil
• Local use for a single machine or centrally for several machines



Low residual moisture in the filter concentrate

Reduction of cooling lubricant cost

Continuous filter belt

Reduction of consumption and disposal costs

Scaling of the filter area with the same base area

Space-saving installation

Up to 3 filter modules per system

• Later expansion possible
• Redundant layout possible
• Different filter qualities possible


Filtration process

  1. A lift pump conveys the waste fluid into the intake box
  2. Having been cleaned, the KSS flows through the continuous roll into the filter chamber and subsequently into the clean tank
  3. A filter cake is formed on the continuous roll which, as a depth filter, retains the finest dirt particles


Regeneration process

  1. The growing filter cake increases the flow resistance through the filter surface
  2. The vacuum in the filter chamber increases
  3. When the level reaches a defined threshold value, the belt drive cuts in and conveys the continuous roll a little further
  4. The continuous roll without filter cake reaches the filter surface; the volume flow through the filter chamber increases again




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Vacuum filter VLO

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