Mitarbeiter der KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH montiert Rückpumpstation RKR


Provided pump-back stations are conveyor systems for placement on single machines and transfer lines. They are used for the unmanned transport of chips and cooling lubricant from the processing machine to a separator/filter. Cooling lubricants and chips that result during the cutting of materials such as steel, cast iron or aluminium are particularly suitable.



Fully automatic cooling lubricant and chip conveyance

No manual intervention required

Variable height

Adaptation to customer conveyors

Chip reducer can be retrofitted

Adaptation to expanded requirements

Maintenance areas outside the machine

Easy accessibility

As an option with transport rollers

High mobility

Combination options

For further requirements, we can combine pump-back stations provided on request with

  • Chip reducers to achieve pumpable chips
  • Chip conveyors for discharging chips from the machine
  • Centralised separator/filter systems for cleaning the cooling lubricant and supplying the machines
  • Suction stations for further transport of the chips to the central system and the container station
  • Centrifuges and briquetting systems for further treatment of the chips

Main functions

  1. Picking up medium to large quantities of chips via a feed hopper
  2. Drawing in and reducing the size of the chips through the chip reducer (optional) and feeding them into the pump-back tank
  3. Dosing the chip/cooling lubricant mixture to the return flow pump by means of a circular scraper
  4. Transporting the chip/cooling lubricant mixture through the return flow pump to the separator/filter system


Return pumping / recirculation stations

Pump-back stations R

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Data sheet
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