Mitarbeiter der KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH montiert Rückpumpstation RKR
Rückpump- / Rückförderstationen Rückpumpstation RKR - KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH

Areas of application

The return pumping station RKR is a chip conveyor for attachment on individual machines and transfer lines. It is used for the unmanned transport of medium to large amounts of chips and cooling lubricant from the processing machine to a separator/filter. Cooling lubricants and chips that result from cutting machining of materials such as steel, cast or aluminium are particularly suitable. 


  • Fully automatic, unmanned chip transport
  • Little space required, other than for the machine
  • Low overall height, ideal for automation facilities
  • Chip reducer may be retrofitted
  • Hopper and screws adjustable at the machine tool
  • All drives and maintenance areas are outside of the machine tool


The chips and the cooling lubricant arrive from the machine tool into the screw trough. One or more screw conveyors transport the chips horizontally directly into the chip reducer. After the chips are reduced, they as well as the cooling lubricant arrive in the pump back tank. The chip/cooling lubricant mixture is then fed uniformly into the return pump, which transports it by return pipe to the central or decentralised separating/filtering unit. The controlled interaction between pump and metering unit ensures safe chip transport, independent of the chip shape and the resulting amount of chips or cooling lubricant. For small chips without a tendency to form clusters, no chip reducer is necessary.


Return pumping / recirculation stations

Return pumping station RKR

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