Mitarbeiter der KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH montiert Kompaktfilter KF
Filteranlage Kompaktfilter KF - KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH


KNOLL Compact Filters KF are belt filters for cleaning cooling lubricants (KSS) from machining processes

  • Use as a stand-alone cleaning unit or in combination with chip conveyors (e.g. at machining centers)
  • Local (for one machine tool) or central use (for several machine tools) possible



Compact design

Space-saving installation

Good value for the money

Short amortization period

Higher hydrostatic pressure compared to flat bed filters

Higher flow volume, lower fleece consumption and better level of purity

Sweeper blades and scrapers

Trouble-free removal of chips, including light metal

Universally applicable for different machining processes, materials, cooling lubricants, volume flows and levels of purity

Simple design and planning

Modular construction kit

• Specific system according to customer requirements

• Short delivery time

• Good replacement part availability

Plug-and-Play through universal, digital interfaces Quick installation and start-up


Filtration process

1. Dirty liquid flows laterally through the intake box into the filter trough
2. The filter fleece retains the dirt particles as they flow through it
3. The dirt particles form a filter cake that separates even the smallest dirt particles
4. The clean liquid collects in the clean tank                                                        5. Low and high pressure pumps supply the machine tool with cleaned KSS as required

Filter belt regeneration

1. The growing filter cake increases the flow resistance
2. The liquid level in the filter trough increases
3. The belt drive switches on at a defined level (alternatively: time-controlled)
4. The carrier belt transports a piece of clean filter fleece onto the filter surface
5. The level of the liquid decreases again
6.A sludge container or a take-up unit takes up the dirty filter fleece



Filter systems

Compact filter KF

Data sheet
Data sheet
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Filter systems

Modular compact filter KF

Data sheet modular compact filter
Data sheet modular compact filter
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