Mitarbeiter der KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH montiert Flüssigkeitszentrifuge CA 100

The CA 100 automatic fluid centrifuge is a centrifugal separator for continuous superfine filtering of cooling lubricants and other industrial process fluids. Its main features are high separating capacity down to the smallest particle ranges and automatic sludge draining.

Flüssigkeitszentrifuge CA 100 – KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH

Areas of application

The fluid centrifuge CA 100 is thus ideally suitable for bath upkeep on central cooling lubricant preparation systems and single machines. This prevents the concentration of finest particles of steel, hard metal, silicon, ceramics, graphite, etc. Further areas of application are sludge concentration of backflush filters and full-flow filtering of smaller fluid quantities in superfinishing processes.


  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • Short regeneration cycle thanks to mechanical brake system
  • Frequency-controlled, wear-resistant direct drive via clutch
  • Sound and oil-mist attenuation by shutter flap
  • Electonic vibration monitoring with automatic stop function
  • Separate speed monitoring of motor and drum
  • Automatic flushing of rotor and centrifugal-force valves
  • Flexible control console, can be erected on 2 sides


1. Separating

The drum accelerates to maximum rotational speed. As soon as it enters, the contaminated liquid is spread in ring shapes at the drum wall due to centrifugal forces. Since the dirt particles have a higher density than the liquid, they move outwards and accumulate on the drum wall. A skimming pipe takes in the cleaned liquid and conveys it out of the drum.

2. Drying 

The supply of fluid stops after a settable period of time. At reduced speed the centrifugal-force valves open to allow the remaining fluid to leave the drum.

3. Draining 

The brake stops and blocks the drum within seconds. Scraper blades rotate in the reverse direction at low speed in the stationary drum. The compact sludge drops out of the centrifuge.

4. Flushing

The drum accelerates to drying rotational speed and liquid is entering the centrifuge again for a certain period of time. Then the drying and draining phases start again (see 2. and 3.).



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Fluid centrifuge CA 100

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