KNOLL UniPur cannister filters are devices for cleaning cooling lubricants (KSS). They form a cost-effective, manual alternative to self-cleaning filters. For a particular housing, there are different filter elements that achieve grades of filtration from 1 µm to 100 µm, depending on the requirements. 

The UniPur cannister filter is versatile
• in the main or side stream
• as an additional filter (additional filter stage, bath upkeep, policing filter)
• as a standalone filter for small volume flows



Many suitable filter inserts available 

High flexibility when changing the requirements for the grade of filtration

Easy filter change 

Low maintenance costs


1) A pump conveys the contaminated KSS from above into the filter cannister
2) The liquid flows through the filter element, which retains the dirt particles
3)  The cleaned KSS emerges from the bottom of the filter cannister

1) The collected dirt particles impede the KSS flow
2) The inlet pressure increases
3) Replacing the filter elements when a defined pressure is reached
 - Filter with differential pressure switch: Signaling at a preset pressure
 - Filter with pressure gauge: Periodic visual inspection necessary

Design as a duplex switch filter
• Functions like a single filter
• Switchability allows the filter to be changed during operation

Design as a double filter
• Functions like a single filter
• Parallel flow through both filter housings, thus increasing the flow rate

Combination options
For other requirements, we can combine the UniPur on request
• Conveyor systems for transporting chips
• Filter systems for cleaning the KSS and supplying the machine tool



UniPur Canister Filters

Data sheet
Data sheet
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