Components for the process chain

KNOLL Maschinenbau, a specialist for conveying, filtering, pumping and automation, presents the latest developments for a functioning process chain alongside tried-and-tested products at AMB 2024 in Hall 8, Booth 8C40. Focus: Automation modules such as a KNOLL AGV, which transports a chip trolley as an example. The brand new system will also be on display. This pushbutton transmits information in real time simply and efficiently, setting processes in production or intralogistics in motion.

Components for the process chain

Automation plays an important role at the KNOLL exhibition stand and ensures constant movement: A manoeuvrable AGV transports a chip trolley as an example.

The KNOLL P-40 apron conveyor, a versatile solution for transporting metal chips and small parts.

equipment as well as for retrofitting to existing machine tools.

Where the finest chips are produced, superfine filtration is required - the KNOLL MicroPur® filter is recommended as the ideal solution.

KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH, Bad Saulgau, will transport visitors to its booth at AMB 2024 to the ambience of a modern production hall. The KNOLL exhibits grow out of the three-dimensionally printed walls of the exhibition stand as essential elements of the process chain of a metalworking company. An example: A machine tool shown here continues in an actual chip conveyor, whose apron conveyor discharges imaginary chips into a transport container.

Automation is becoming increasingly important

This puts us at the centre of the KNOLL exhibition stand, which is dedicated to the topic of automation. On a 4x4 m platform, a small, manoeuvrable AGV (automated guided vehicle) demonstrates how versatile it can be - for example, to transport the chip trolley from the machine to a disposal station. However, it could also be used to supply raw parts to the machine or to transport filter fleece rolls, etc.

The AGV comes from KNOLL's Automation Department, which is primarily dedicated to logistics and assembly tasks. The specialists working here plan and build stationary and mobile conveyor systems that simplify and speed up transport. The range includes special AGVs from KNOLL'S partner Safelog, which are equipped with an autonomous, agent-based control system and are therefore ideal for the automatic supply of assembly lines with components, shopping carts, etc. free of forklift trucks.

In order to set processes in production and intralogistics in motion, KNOLL has developed a pushbutton system in recent years, initially for its own use, which transmits information effortlessly and efficiently at the touch of a button., the name of the hardware and software available in three expansion stages, will be presented for the first time at AMB 2024. KNOLL automation specialists explain how can be specifically adapted to challenges in a wide range of application areas - from fast material requests to detailed condition monitoring. KNOLL has incorporated a practical demo at its exhibition stand.

Making good things even better

But let's move on to the exhibits from the areas of conveying, filtering and pumps. The aforementioned P-40 apron conveyor is extremely versatile. It can discharge small parts as well as wet and dry chips regardless of size, shape and material. The design with hingeless panels results in high wear resistance.

The KNOLL exhibition stand will of course also be showcasing the latest filter and pump developments, such as the retrofittable high-pressure unit range LubiCool®which supplies the cooling lubricant under high pressure at up to 150 bar. A component of each LubiCool® unit is also a filter that provides the necessary high-quality cleaning of the medium (emulsion or oil).

In addition to the S and M versions, a LubiCool® L, which has undergone functional improvements, will be exhibited at the trade fair. While the original version was limited to one high-pressure pump and one low-pressure pump, the L system is now available with a second high-pressure pump. This means that the new LubiCool® L can also supply lathes with two turrets, both of which require a high-pressure pump.

When maximum filter fineness is required

The modular MicroPur® superfine filter is designed for ultra-fine filtration. It is perfect for the tool grinding of carbide metal and HSS. But it also delivers excellent results in the machining of castings. The MicroPur® achieves a filter fineness less than 3 µm and manages without filter consumables thanks to its special design, which makes a significant contribution to its high degree of efficiency and sustainability.

At AMB 2024, KNOLL will be showcasing the standard MicroPur® 240 model including an integrated desludge concentrator in a two-stage filter system. This means that the superfine filter is supported by a KF-E compact filter, which removes coarser contaminants from the coolant and thus relieves the MicroPur®. Such a solution is ideal for grinding and polishing HSS tools or other steel components. This is because these materials produce not only superfine particles but also longer, fibrous chips, which must be separated in advance to achieve a long service life of the MicroPur®.

Machining without coolant

A prime example of sustainability is the AerosolMasterTM- system, a successful alternative to the conventional use of cooling lubricants and MQL. The KNOLL AerosolMasterTM products are based on aerosol dry lubrication, where the finest lubricating particles are fed directly to the cutting edge of the tool. In this way, the system prevents heat build-up in the machining contact zone. Against this backdrop of low lubricant consumption, supply and disposal costs are reduced to almost zero. And in terms of energy efficiency, the AerosolMasterTM systems show great potential: Energy consumption per machine is up to 60 percent lower compared to centralised cooling lubricant systems.

At AMB 2024, KNOLL will be presenting the AerosolMasterTM 4000 ATS, which is easy to operate and can be used in a variety of ways: as a tool protector, for the best surfaces or maximum feed.


You will find KNOLL Maschinenbau at AMB 2024 in Hall 8, Booth 8C40. A