Application example

Chip separation and disposal

With the newly installed system, the metal chips from the customer's entire production can be easily de-oiled and collected by type in containers.

The machine operator pushes the chip carts from the machine to the processing facility. After feeding the chips into one of two available feed conveyors, the employee records which chips are inside by using a barcode. The disposal process then starts automatically. The chips can now be handed over to the recycling company dry and sorted by type. This is reflected in higher remuneration.

• Increase in process reliability and productivity
• Residual moisture of the chips < 1%
• Reduction of cutting oil consumption by 45% through recovery
• Customer-specific containers
• Personnel management
• Continuous utilization of the downstream process thanks to the buffer concept
• Self-controlled process
• Comprehensive safety concept


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Data sheet
Data sheet
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User report Bufab Lann
User report Bufab Lann
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