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Fax Transport systems


KNOLL transport systems are ideally suited for use in logistics and assembly, even for heavy and very large parts. Because our systems are modularly structured mechanically, electrically, and in terms of their software, our specialists can implement custom-tailored solutions for you. Such systems guarantee a short amortization time and can be expanded nearly at will. The input-side visualization of the controller makes for easy operation.

Assembly applications

Whether for synchronized or continuously flowing assembly – we will design the right system for you. Here, we emphasize top-flight ergonomics and assembly "at eye level." Low-building conveyor systems contribute to this, as do additional platforms and lifting units. Turning and/or swiveling workpiece holders ensure perfect accessibility to the object. Take a look at the depictions of existing projects below and let us convince you.


Customer project synchronized assembly line: 1) Transport carriage 2) Platform 3) Drive-on and drive-off ramp 4) Control section 5) Conveyor line 6) Control cabinet

User film: assembly area

Logistics applications

For logistics applications, we prefer to use standard conveyor technology that can be designed so that it is cost-effective and reliable. Customer-specific solutions can be built from the existing building blocks on request. Even long lines are possible. You will find some existing examples depicted below.


Customer project clutch feed: 1) Collision guard 2) Transport pallet 3) Separator for positioning 4) Conveyor line 5) Side protection and light barrier 6) Cover with supporting rollers


Customer project material feed and return line: 1) Transport carriage 2) Control section 3) Insertion aid 4) Conveyor line 5) Collision guard 6) Safety fence 7) Lifting unit 8) Transverse trolley


Customer project cooling and return section: 1) Collision guard 2) Conveyor line 3) Corner turntable 4) Transfer unit 5) Turning station 6) Control cabinet

User film: logistics


In addition to hardware in the form of our KNOLL transport systems – including a multitude of components and modules – we offer a wide variety of services:

  • System planning
  • Planning of expansions
  • Process control system design
  • Realization of interfaces for integration into the company network and with existing software 



KNOLL assembly and transport systems can be configured in many ways. In order to find the right solution for your requirements quickly, we create meaningful planning documents. In the shortest possible time, you will have:

  • A 3D visualization with all system components
  • A scale 2D drawing including electrical plan
  • Descriptions and photos of the most important technical features. 

This initial basis enables quick decision-making and minimizes your investment risk.

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System expansion


The KNOLL assembly and transport system is a toolbox that contains mechanical and electrical building blocks with a modular wiring topology. This is why we can modify your system at any time and expand it it to include belt elements, turning stations, platforms, control sections, workpiece carriers, etc. This makes you flexible for new products and future requirements.

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Process control system


In addition to system control, we offer a process control system that we will configure especially for you. Together, we will define the interfaces for integrating the transport system into your company network and connecting it to your ERP system. The process controller allows complex visualizations, is in a position to record and evaluate large quantities of data, has user management, as well as an integrated fault message handling including statistical evaluation. You can also use the software for order management and employee information.

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KNOLL transport systems are suitable for use in many industries. Their modular construction allows us to address industry-typical requirements during configuration.

Mechanical engineering

Construction machines

Automotive OEM and suppliers



System vendors



Engineering offices



Transport systems for logistics applications

Elevated system TS-S-A/TS-G-A

Transport systems for assembly applications

System close to ground TS-S-B/TS-G-B

Transport systems for logistic- and assembly applications

Ground chain TS-Z

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