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Mitarbeiter der KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH montiert Kratzbandförderer SF
Förderanlage Kratzbandförderer SF - KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH


KNOLL scraper belt conveyors SF are plants for collecting and separating chips and cooling lubricants. For a still better preparation of the cooling lubricant, a filtration process can also be integrated.

  • Decentral use on individual and interlinked machine tools
  • Central use for waste disposal from machine groups and entire production areas
  • Suitable for short steel chips, needle chips (e.g. brass), cast chips, cast abrasion and grinding sludge
  • Suitable for wet and dry processing



Safety slide couplingEffective overload protection
Simple layoutEasy to service
Customer-specific designBest-possible addressing of requirements


Main functions

  • Collection of the chip and cooling lubricant mixture
  • Separation of chips and cooling lubricant through segmentation
  • Transporting of the chips/parts to the discharge point on the container bottom
  • Buffering of cooling lubricant
  • Transport of cooling lubricant to the filters
  • Transport of the cooling lubricant to the machines

Continuous scraper belt

  • 2 roller chain strands that are connected to scraper bars
  • Unguided chain circulation (hanging belt)
  • No rechipping necessary

Combination possibilities
For other requirements, on request we can combine the conveyor systems with

  • Systems for retreating chips
  • Systems for conveying the chips into containers



Chip conveyors

Scraper belt conveyor SF

Overview of our conveyor range:

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