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Mitarbeiter der KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH montiert Schraubenspindelpumpe MS

Due to the very great speed range, MS screw pumps are used both for the conveying of viscous products and simultaneously as CIP cleaning pumps. The axial conveying without change of direction allows gentle product conveyance. The near-complete lack of pulsation creates ideal conveying behavior. Double screw pumps are high-performance units that are becoming ever more popular thanks to their advantages, precisely in the food and cosmetics production sectors. Special characteristics of the MS screw pumps are the robust bearing with needle and ball bearings with recirculating oil lubrication, great flexibility thanks to the 3-part pump housing, and easy maintenance and service thanks to low individual weights. Delivery rates up to 50 m³/h, pressures up to 20 bar.

Schraubenspindelpumpe MS - KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH


  • Highest flexibility due to very wide speed range: Conveying of viscous products and CIP cleaning fluids with the same pump
  • Low shear and gentle product conveying, thanks to axial conveying without change of flow direction, also for products with chunky particles
  • Nearly pulsation free – ideal conveying behavior
  • Very good self-priming capability
  • Highest sanitation due to form rings, surface roughness (Ra < 0,8 µm) and dead-end free design
  • Very easy to clean and sterilize thanks to ideal flushing paths – CIP/SIP capable
  • Nearly wear free operation due to touchless conveying elements
  • Insensible to dry running (with flushed shaft seals)
  • High-quality precisely manufactured parts to receive minimal clearances, smooth running  and nearly wear free operation
  • Service and inspection friendly


  • Heating / Cooling jacket
  • Customized inlet, e.g. rectangular
  • Mobile base plate
  • Surface roughness Ra < 0,4 µm
  • Higher wear protection by additional surface treatment
  • 3A or EHEDG execution


Screw pump MS

Positive displacement pumps

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