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Tackled: LubiCool® in circulation since January.

LubiCool® made its series debut in January 2019. The first customer opinions are entirely positive.

Tackled: LubiCool® in circulation since January.

customers are now waiting with excitement for user reports. Currently, the LubiCool® is on display at the "Turning and chipping days" from April 10-12 in Villingen-Schwenningen. Here, when the focus was on unique selling points, the first "oohs" and "ahs" could be heard:

  • Effective filtration principle (belt filter) extracts dirt and protects components for the long term.
  • Extremely wear-proof KTS screw pump offers great service life and process reliability.
  • Digitalized SmartConnect control simplifies adjustment, control, and monitoring.
  • Plug & play delivery makes start-up easier for the operator.

The KNOLL LubiCool® is a mobile high-pressure unit for chipping machine tools, especially automatic short and long turning machines. The system cleans the cooling lubricant and supplies it to the machines at high pressure.