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KNOLL concludes partnership contract with SAFELOG

KNOLL concludes partnership contract with SAFELOG

The majority of our transport orders are now automated. SAFELOG AGVs, which assume the transport of various components from production to warehouse and pick components available in the warehouse and bring them directly to the assembly box or assembly line, are largely responsible for the automated process.

Through the partnership with SAFELOG, KNOLL can also offer their AGVs (driverless transport systems) in addition to their own stationary assembly and transport systems – perfect for matrix productions or similar requirements.

KNOLL Maschinenbau, leading supplier of conveyor and filter systems for chips and cooling lubricants in metal processing, has also been providing ultra-flexible assembly and transport systems for years. They are perfect for use in logistics and assembly, even for heavy and large-volume parts. The KNOLL systems have a modular design in terms of mechanics, electrics and software, meaning they can be used to realise customised solutions.

Since the end of last year the range of KNOLL products in this area and their flexibility have increased. Through a partnership contract with SAFELOG GmbH, Markt Schwaben, KNOLL is now in a position to provide complete intralogistics projects from a single source. Matrix productions, which require flexible, automated transport between stationary processing machines or assembly lines, can be easily realised.

SAFELOG is a customer-oriented partner for intralogistics, who looks after the development and manufacture of corresponding hardware and software – including various services. The driverless transport systems (FTS / AGV) from SAFELOG in particular are ideal for the automatic supply of assembly lines with components and shopping carts free of forklift trucks.

The remarkable thing about these AGVs is their "swarm intelligence". This means that every vehicle has a standalone, agent-based control, which constantly exchanges information with all other system participants with regard to position and load status. This makes external control via an expensive, central control station superfluous. With their on-board "intelligence", the SAFELOG AGVs can communicate and interact with each other. Example: If a transport vehicle malfunctions, the others are able to assume its jobs.

A concept that convinced the KNOLL transport system specialists from a benchmark of various FTS manufacturers – not only for the enhanced KNOLL transport system offer, but also for an internal intralogistics project in the Bad Saulgau plant. Several SAFELOG AGVs of different sizes are now already in operation there.

Peter Ludewig, Department Manager of Materials Management at KNOLL Maschinenbau, is convinced: "SAFELOG is a flexible and very innovative partner, whose flexible transport systems fit our modular stationary transport and assembly systems perfectly. We are able to develop customised projects for our customers, which are also very scalable later according to modified requirements."

Partnership with SAFELOG