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KNOLL LubiCool® S – the smart high-pressure supplier

KNOLL Maschinenbau complements its range of retrofittable high-pressure units with the LubiCool® S. The "S" model – "S" for small and smart – is so compact that it can be placed under the rod loader of short and long automatic lathes. With a pressure range up to 90 bar it is perfect for demanding machining processes with difficult materials.

KNOLL LubiCool® S – the smart high-pressure supplier

The KNOLL LubiCool® S high-pressure unit is small but powerful: It offers high pressure up to 90 bar and a filter fineness up to 15 µm.

The KNOLL LubiCool® S high-pressure unit is characterised by its compact design. With a height of only 663 mm, a depth of 635 mm and measuring 985 mm in length, it fits under common rod loaders. This means it is perfect for all machine tool operators with short and long automatic lathes who are limited in space.

However, the LubiCool® S shows its greatness in its functions: The proven KNOLL screw spindle pump KTS generates a high pressure of up to 90 bar, which produces small chips and allows higher cutting speeds, which are reflected in shorter machining times. The life of the tools is also increased. The wear resistance of the KTS leads to a long tool life (up to six times longer than comparable pumps) and excellent process reliability.

The filter element of the LubiCool® S with a filter fineness up to 15 µm ensures that even the smallest chips, fine particles and foreign substances are separated from the cooling lubricant. In contrast to other filter cartridges on the market, the filter element of the LubiCool® S impresses with its long life. It is also inexpensive and particularly user-friendly when it comes to the exchange and cleaning.

A highlight of the entire LubiCool® range is the incredibly simple and intuitive operation. For this, KNOLL developed the new "SmartConnect" control concept, which includes a small touch display, via which the user can set and adjust the desired pressure level and other parameters. The user can also call up information from the sensors and actuators. An LED light strip on the outside of the housing visualises the key system operating data in eight colours.

The LubiCool® S is a standard product with a top price/performance ratio and short delivery times. Thanks to its modular design, the high-pressure device can also be equipped with additional optional accessories, including up to eight switchable outputs, a frequency converter for the high-pressure pump, a temperature sensor, a plate heat exchanger for cooling the cooling lubricant, a hose package and a pressure-reducing station for the spindle flushing.

The LubiCool® S can be installed in just 30 minutes thanks to its plug-and-play system. With the standard interface it can be connected to all metal-cutting machine tools. Retrofits are also possible and easy to do.


Overview of the strengths of the LubiCool® S:

  • Compact design – perfect for limited spatial conditions
  • Attractive price and short delivery time
  • Wear-resistant high-pressure pump for long life and high process reliability
  • Effective filtration thanks to affordable filter element
  • SmartConnect control unit for simple, intuitive operation
  • Coloured LED status display
  • Numerous additional options
  • Fast plug-and-play installation and retrofit

KNOLL LubiCool® S – the smart high-pressure supplier