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The tool saver – simply flexible

Our AerosolMaster™ 4000 ATS produces very fine and homogeneous aerosol, whose oil droplets ensure high surface tension. This makes it a frontrunner in low-loss lubrication and reduces oil consumption by up to 70%. From micro-machining to heavy-duty machining, with 30 programs the system can be adjusted to suit requirements. Nearly dry processing is guaranteed with this. With cleaner workpieces and machines, you gain significant time and reduce your costs.


The tool saver – simply flexible

The AerosolMaster™ in action:

“The work area is only minimally soiled due to the very small amount of oil. This means that alternating processing of different, even dusty, materials is possible in the automated process - without intermediate cleaning. Therefore, for us, the MQL system from KNOLL is the optimal solution for tool and mold making."

Matthias Schmidt, OPS-INGERSOLL
Funkenerosion GmbH

With our KNOLL AerosolMaster family, you will cover all your production needs from a single source. You have the requirements, we have the solution: comprehensive, fast, binding.