Ordered today, delivered tomorrow

The pump manufacturer KNOLL does not just develop its products, it also enhances delivery performance consistently.

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow

KNOLL Maschinenbau ranks among the leading suppliers of systems for conveying and filtering chips and cooling lubricants in the metal machining industry. This company in Bad Saulgau has also been able to call itself a pump manufacturer for many years. One of its successful products is the KTS screw pump, which, despite booming demand, is always available in stock.

Schraubenspindelpumpe KTS - KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH

For more than 25 years, KNOLL has built the KTS screw pump, which is ideally suited for high-pressure applications of lubricants (oils, emulsions, watery solutions) on machine tools. The 200,000 pumps sold demonstrate its success. Responsible for this is the permanent enhancement – not just with respect to technical characteristics, but also with respect to delivery performance.

In recent years, KNOLL has increased its production capacity so much that the KTS is always in stock despite great demand. Included in the offerings are numerous conversion kits, which mirror the installation and connection dimensions of other screw pumps and allow easy replacement.

The company's cost-effective repair offerings, which customers gladly accept, indicate that KNOLL puts customer satisfaction over sales figures. After all, there are approximately 1000 KTS pumps that have to be repaired by KNOLL each year by replacing wearing parts.

Spindle coating ensures longer service life

And with regard to wear: since the beginning of 2018, KNOLL has offered the option of providing the spindles of the KTS with a wear-proof coating in order to increase their service life. With a hardness of up to 3300 HV, such an applied coating is of special interest for use cases where there are very hard particles in the cooling lubricant, for example in grinding applications.

The development of a new size of the KTS 25-34 is entirely oriented toward customer benefit; in particular, it ensures efficient pump deployment in aluminum processing. It covers the delivery rate range of 20 l/min at 70 bar starting with a motor power of < 4 kW.

More efficiency: IE3 world motor and new frequency inverter

KNOLL set a sign of the economy and energy efficiency of the KTS pumps in 2015. Since then, 95% of all KTS high-pressure pumps have been equipped with a newly-developed standard motor. This so-called "world motor" addresses a wide variety of national requirements – whether IE3 in Europe or NEMA Premium Efficiency (UL/CSA version) in the USA. In addition, it bears the China Energy Label. Thanks to standardization, it is available in stock with power up to 30 kW.

The possible equipment with a new frequency inverter and special firmware since 2016 has also been well-received by the market. For this way, the new KTS is in a position to regulate its speeds faster than common valve controllers. The rise in pressure to approximately 100 bar happens in just 0.3 seconds. Therefore, the downtimes between individual process steps on machine tools are shorter, as are the cycle times. The result: higher productivity. Since the frequency inverter also limits the start-up current to approximately 30% of the previous requirement, the user also saves energy.

New centrifugal pumps

In addition to the KTS screw pumps, KNOLL develops and produces numerous centrifugal pumps that are also used in metal processing to convey cooling lubricants and chips. The centrifugal pump portfolio, which is divided into the three areas clean media, dirty media, and shredder pumps, enables delivery rates of up to 1600 l/min, pressure up to 6 bar, and particle sizes up to 20 mm.

The latest development is the TSC 50 shredder pump, which has a semi-open radial impeller and a cutting device that reduces long aluminum chips to a pump-friendly dimension of approximately 10 to 20 mm. The optimal application range of the TSC 50 is 300 to 500 l/min. The new contaminated media pump TSK 50 is built so that it is nearly identical. It is only lacking the shredder; for this, it has an inducer that reduces the risk of cavitation. This way, both pumps can be replaced 1:1 and conversion kits are on hand.


KNOLL screw pumps, type KTS

...are self-priming displacement pumps for lubricating and non-abrasive fluids. The pump essentially consists of 3 components: 1) the suction housing, 2) the spindle housing and 3) the pressure housing with throttle point, sealed shaft duct and external main bearing. The spindle housing consists of two ceramic shells embedded in steel; it contains a drive spindle and two running spindles.


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Press photo
Available in stock: the KTS screw pump from KNOLL Maschinenbau. jpg (168 KB)

B02_KNOLL_ Motor

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Press photo
The IE3 world motor used in KNOLL pumps not only saves energy in operations; thanks to its standard design, it is available quickly and most cost-effective than special designs. jpg (172 KB)


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Press photo
KNOLL centrifugal pumps – in the picture, the new TSC 50 shredder pump – are, like the KTS screw pump, used primarily on tool machines to convey cooling lubricants. jpg (208 KB)