Open House at KNOLL in Bad Saulgau

Open House at KNOLL in Bad Saulgau

Since its foundation in 1970, KNOLL Maschinenbau has been on a consistent growth course: The product range has been expanded, world markets have been conquered, employees have been continually added, and the company headquarters in Bad Saulgau has also grown and grown.

The innovative KNOLL LubiCool® high-pressure unit is available in various sizes. The smallest S variant even fits under a bar feeder. Photo

The factory tour also allows a look into this assembly hall: Compact filter systems are assembled there with the support of KNOLL's own automation system.

From 14 to 16 June, 2023, KNOLL Maschinenbau will open the doors of its headquarters in Bad Saulgau. Customers, suppliers and interested parties are invited to find out about all the innovations in its product range and the continuing further development of the company. In theory and practice, visitors will experience how technological progress, automation and digitalisation can contribute to a modern production environment.

Efficiency through new products

At the Open House, KNOLL Maschinenbau - known for technologically worldwide leading products in the fields of conveying, filtering and pumping - will be demonstrating how the latest developments can make production even more efficient. As an example, the company will present its P40-F slat band conveyor, optimised with a self-cleaning pre-filter, as well as the latest variants of the MicroPur ® superfine filter. This microfilter is recommended for grinding carbide and HSS, as well as cast materials, and can now be used not only with oil lubrication, but also in the water-soluble cooling lubricant sector.

The new LubiCool® product range - retrofittable, smart high-pressure suppliers for turning and milling centres - also sets standards. For all machinists who prefer to carry out demanding work dry rather than wet, KNOLL also has a cutting-edge product in its portfolio in the form of the AerosolMaster ™.

The latest KNOLL division called "Automation," which has been around for a good ten years and was formerly called "Transport Systems," has nothing to do with conveying, filtering and pumping. This department creates automation solutions for production, assembly and intralogistics, which are always modular and consist of stationary conveyor lines as well as flexible conveyor systems. Supported by intelligent interlinking using sensors, software and robotics, they act as a booster for productivity. These solutions have already proven themselves many times over, with customers from a wide range of industries and in the assembly lines at Knoll.

Insights into innovative production

The special feature of the KNOLL Open House: Visitors can experience most KNOLL products live, in everyday operation in the production halls. This does not only apply to the automation in filter production just mentioned. As a part of the regularly scheduled plant tours, this Bad Saulgau-based company provides detailed information on the production advantages that can be achieved with conveyor and filter systems. The programme also includes practical examples and tips on energy-saving options with modern, frequency-controlled pumps.

"KNOLL im Takt", or KIT for short, should also arouse curiosity. Using the 3Liter PPSDashboard, KNOLL has succeeded in reducing waste during assembly. What this is all about and what role digitalisation plays in this is another topic during the event week.

Outlook and impulses

Daily specialist presentations will provide new perspectives at the KNOLL Open House. The topics are

  • Microfiltration
  • Chip disposal during unmanned shifts
  • Minimum quantity lubrication
  • Individual automation
  • Saving energy in production

All presentations have direct practical relevance and deepen the impressions gained during the tour of the company. The programme is rounded out by presentations on the new KNOLL customer portal, WebShop, services and the innovative configurator for products from the modular system. In addition, the partner companies HÄBERLE and CITIZEN will support the Open House with information booths.

Press release OpenHouse
Press release OpenHouse
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