EMO 2017 – Innovation showcase regarding cooling lubricants and chips

At the EMO 2017 (Hall 7, Stand C22), KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH, Bad Saulgau, will show how productivity in metalworking can be increased – by new cooling lubricant pumps as well as by minimal quantity lubrication, by means of appropriate filter technology and through conveyor belts that satisfy even extreme applications.


EMO 2017 – Innovation showcase regarding cooling lubricants and chips

EMO 2017, Modulmaschine - KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH

In the center of the KNOLL trade fair stand, visitors are expecting a so-called modular machine. Based on an actual processing center, this machine demonstrates the variety of the KNOLL product range, which includes both wet processing as well as minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) systems.

A component of this modular machine is a new KNOLL KTS screw pump, which provides the cooling lubricant in the shortest amount of time at high pressure. Equipped with a new frequency converter and special firmware, it is able to control its speed faster than conventional valve controllers. The pressure rise to approx. 100 bar takes place in only 0.3 seconds, which makes it one of the "fastest from 0 to 100".

This time is only outperformed by the ControLube MQL system, which works with injector technology and microprocessor controllers. The system developed by KNOLL already delivers a particularly fine aerosol within 0.1 seconds, which provides for improved process conditions, shorter processing times and lower costs. Robust conveyor belt.

A viewing window in the modular machine provides a view of the new KNOLL plate conveyor. Thanks to its construction with hinge-free connected plates, it is suitable both for the transport of chips during wet and dry processing, as well as for conveying parts, for example, from punching/nibbling machines. Such a plate conveyor is suitable even for hot applications, such as laser cutting. Following the conveyor, the KNOLL RKR return pumping station demonstrates how cooling lubricant and chips can be transported reliably, cleanly and in a space-saving manner from the machine to a central separator/filter.

Filters for coarse and fine applications

In addition to the modular machine, KNOLL will present a variety of filter technologies at the EMO, as they can hardly be found at any other trade fair stand. The exhibits will include the KF compact filter, a classic belt filter for cleaning cooling lubricants in metal processing, which will be presented, among other things, in the new 300 size.

The MicroPur® microfilter is suitable for filtering the residues of grinding processes from the cooling lubricant. For use on a single machine, KNOLL will present the MicroPur® in the 120-F version, which contains two backflushable filter elements for approx.120 liters of filter capacity.It is particularly cost-effective when working with the integrated KNOLL AK5 automatic concentrator, which reduces the carryover of oil and can ensure a residual moisture content in the settled material of less than or equal to 10%.

This filter principle is used by KNOLL in various sizes up to a large central system for 30 or more machines - too large for a trade fair stand. But KNOLL is bringing an isolated solution for 2-stage filtration to the fair. It contains a 480 M3/6400 MicroPur®filter, which is supplemented by a KNOLL KF 2000-E compact filter with an endless filter belt. This takes over the chip pre-separation and thus relieves the microfine filtration.

Economical pump solutions thanks to modular design

Along with a pumping tower, KNOLL will present its newly organized centrifugal pump portfolio, which is divided into three areas: pure media, contaminated media and shredder pumps. Among other things, the tower contains TG pure media pumps, which have been completely redesigned and optimized regarding many features. Also available is the type TF with non-clog impeller, a large through-flow diameter and high drive power - in short: the pump for coarse contaminated media. The TSK types and the TSC shredder pumps are also suitable for contaminated media; they shred long aluminum chips down to a pumpable size of approximately 10 to 20 mm.

Special attention is paid to the newly developed TSK 50 and TSC 50 models, which are almost identical in design. The TSK waste water pump is simply missing the shredder; instead, it has an inducer that reduces the risk of cavitation. At the EMO on a FHA/150 lifting unit, KNOLL will demonstrate the fact that the two pumps are exchangeable 1:1 and that even a conversion is possible.  


Press photo
Press photo
The KNOLL modular machine demonstrates the realistic use of cooling lubricant and MQL solutions, plate conveyors and return pumping stations. jpg (995 KB)


Press Photo
Press Photo
This is how the KNOLL ControLube MQL system works - from the MQL system to the demand-oriented outflow of the finest aerosol from the tool. jpg (270 KB)

B03_KNOLL_EMO2017_KTS neu

Press photo
Press photo
With the new KTS screw pump from KNOLL, the pressure increase to approx. 100 bar takes place in just 0.3 seconds. jpg (173 KB)


Press photo
Press photo
The new KNOLL plate conveyor, with hinge-free connected slats, is suitable for the removal of chips during wet and dry processing, as well as for conveying punched/nibbled parts. JPG (972 KB)


Press photo
Press photo
KNOLL has reorganized its centrifugal pump portfolio for machine tool cooling lubricant management and supplemented it with new and more economical types, such as the TSC 50 shredder pump. jpg (458 KB)

KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH
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