Make everyday production and assembly work efficient

KNOLL Maschinenbau is presenting itself at the upcoming LogiMAT from May 31 to June 2 in Stuttgart, and at automatica from June 21 to 24 in Munich, as a full-service provider for intelligent, automated transport and assembly systems. There, visitors can experience live on a small scale how stationary and mobile conveyor systems work together and how cobots assist the operating personnel.

Make everyday production and assembly work efficient

KNOLL transport systems are ideal for use in logistics and assembly. Since the systems have a modular mechanical, electrical and software structure, solutions can always be implemented according to customer requirements.

In the field of internal logistics, KNOLL acts as a full-service provider that supplements its rigid transport systems with mobile units such as AGVs and automation components.

LogiMAT, an international trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management, sets standards as the largest annual intralogistics trade fair in Europe. And automatica is the world's leading trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics, the leading marketplace for automated, intelligent production. In this respect, the two trade fairs are ideal platforms for KNOLL Maschinenbau, Bad Saulgau, to present the diverse range of efficient transport systems and peripherals.

The products from the field of automation are ideally suited for use in logistics and assembly, even for heavy and large-size parts. Since the systems have a modular mechanical, electrical and software structure, KNOLL always implements tailor-made solutions.

For the field of logistics, KNOLL preferably supplies standard conveyor technology as a basis, which can be designed cost-effectively and reliably. Typical elements are chain and roller conveyors that can be supplemented with standardized or customer-specific components. These include loading and unloading ramps, turning stations, corner converters and platforms, as well as - for assembly tasks - lifting units and rotating or swivelling workpiece holders.

In terms of a full-service provider, KNOLL is expanding the capabilities of its transport systems through mobile units. Preferably, the automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from the partner company SAFELOG GmbH, Markt Schwaben, are used. These "intelligent" vehicles with autonomous, agent-based control are ideal for the forklift-free and automatic supply of assembly lines with components and shopping carts. KNOLL is thus able to offer complete intralogistics projects from a single source. The implementation of matrix productions, which require flexible, automated transport between stationary processing machines or assembly lines, is also no problem for KNOLL.

As a further supplement in terms of customer-specific automation solutions, KNOLL offers modern robot and cobot technology - from simple handling automation to robot-supported manual workstations (assembly application) all the way up to comprehensive END-OF-LINE packaging and palletizing systems. In this way, everyday production and assembly work can be made even more efficient.

All KNOLL systems ensure a short amortization period and can be expanded in almost any way. The items supplied in a delivery range from the mechanics, including sensors and drive technology, to a complete system with control technology and visualization.