ATS instead of MQL

KNOLL acquires Rother and replaces the ControLube MQL system with the AerosolMaster®system with ATS technology

ATS instead of MQL

A sensational announcement at EMO 2019: KNOLL Maschinenbau, Bad Saulgau, removes its Minimum Quantity Lubrication system called ControLube from its product portfolio. Instead, the AerosolMaster®system, which is based on ATS technology (aerosol dry lubrication), enters the program. If necessary, the system can be supplemented by cryogenic cooling technology. KNOLL has acquired Rother Technologie GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Urach, including all of its patents, retroactive to July 1, 2019.

For five years, KNOLL Maschinenbau, one of the leading suppliers of conveyor and filtration systems for chips and cooling lubricants in metal processing, has been offering an alternative to wet-cooling lubrication. Managing Director Matthias Knoll is certain that "There are production areas where the future clearly belongs to minimum quantity or dry lubrication."

Matthias Knoll is sticking to his opinion, even though the company is now discontinuing its previous MQL product - the high pressure ControLube system: "Because of its lubricating results, ControLube is a very good system that produces a particularly fine aerosol. Its disadvantage: It requires a lance through the spindle, which many machine tool manufacturers can not implement. With AerosolMaster®, we have now found an alternative lubrication system that achieves a comparably fine aerosol but is much easier to implement in the machine."

This acquisition is also desirable for Rother Technologie. Managing Director Reiner Rother explains: "We were looking for a partner or successor to whom it would make sense to hand over our MQL know-how, which has been acquired over nearly 25 years, and who will continue our products in the long term. KNOLL Maschinenbau, with its experience in the MQL business and its worldwide sales and service structures, was a desirable candidate for us. "

At EMO, Reiner Rother will be acting on behalf of KNOLL and explaining the AerosolMaster® at the trade fair stand in Hall 7, Booth C34: "Even without a lance in the spindle, we can perfectly lubricate the tool cutting edge and prevent heat from machining." The technology behind it: The fine aerosol (droplet size 0.1 μm to 0.4 μm) is produced in a pressure vessel via a special venturi nozzle and patented control and regulation technology. Like the usual cooling lubricants, the aerosol is guided along a single channel, for example, through the internal cooling channels of the tool to the cutting edge.

In addition to the high aerosol quality, which has been repeatedly verified at Knoll, Matthias Knoll was particularly impressed by the simple installation: "Not only conventional MQL systems can be converted to the AerosolMaster®. Without much difficulty, it is even possible to convert many wet-cooled machines."

With the acquisition of Rother, KNOLL has yet another trump card up its sleeve: The AerosolMaster® can be combined with the cryolub® cryogenic cooling technology - also patented by Rother - for example, into the AerosolMaster® 4000 cryolub®. By using liquid CO2, the cutting contact zone can then be cooled down to -78 °C. This is particularly advantageous in the case of heavy-duty machining of titanium and other materials that have a low thermal conductivity. Reiner Rother summarizes this in figures: "With the 'normal' AerosolMaster®, we can achieve a productivity increase of 30 to 70 percent; with the cryo system, the increase is even greater, between 70 and 200 percent."

At EMO 2019, KNOLL will present the AerosolMaster® 4000 ATS with 30 pre-selectable programs on its modular machine. It is suitable for machining processes for which many different amounts of aerosol are required. In addition, a cryogenic solution will be shown.

You will find KNOLL Maschinenbau at EMO 2019 in Hall 7, Booth C34.


Press photo
Press photo
Starting from EMO 2019 under the KNOLL company roof - the AerosolMaster® aerosol dry lubrication system. Images: KNOLL jpg (416 KB)


Press photo
Press photo
By using the AerosolMaster® in aluminum machining, for example, the processing conditions can be improved in such a way that the user benefits from productivity gains in the form of better cutting results or a longer tool life. jpg (1 MB)


Press photo
Press photo
Ideal for titanium machining: the combination of ATS and cryolub®cryogenic cooling technology. jpg (249 KB)

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