AMB 2018 - Refreshingly different

KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH, Bad Saulgau, will present itself at AMB 2018 (Hall 8, Booth C 40) in a refreshingly different manner. In more than 150 sq m of exhibition space, items such as a pumping tower and a modular machine will demonstrate how KNOLL products can be used to increase productivity in metal processing.

AMB 2018 - Refreshingly different

Along with a pumping tower, KNOLL will present its newly organized centrifugal pump portfolio, which is divided into three areas: pure media, contaminated media and shredder pumps. Among other things, the tower includes TSC shredder pumps, which crush the long aluminum chips down to a pump-appropriate size of approximately 10 to 20 mm. In addition to the TSC 65, which was developed about five years ago and features a semi-open radial wheel and a cutting device, KNOLL will exhibit the newer, smaller TSC 50 model, whose optimal area of application is 300 to 500 l/min. It can be used to operate many cooling lubricant systems even more efficiently.

The second pump highlight is the newly-developed BS 40, a self-priming centrifugal pump. Since it vents itself, KNOLL generally uses it in flat chip conveyors where there is a very low fill level. The BS 40 is specially designed for pumping cooling lubricants. This means that the materials used are especially rugged so that the smallest chip residues in the medium can hardly damage them. This is especially true for the axial face seal, which is threatened by wear; it can also be replaced easily and in the shortest possible time.

As for all pumps, for the BS 40 KNOLL also recommends operation with a frequency inverter that can regulate the liquid to a pre-set level. This prevents start-stop operation of the pump, protects the components (especially the axial face seal), and ensures great energy efficiency since choke losses are avoided.

In the center of the KNOLL trade fair stand, a so-called modular machine awaits visitors.  Based on an actual processing center, this machine demonstrates the variety of the KNOLL product range, which includes both wet processing as well as minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) systems.

A component of this modular machine is the modular ControLube MMS system, which works with injector technology and microprocessor control. The system developed by KNOLL already delivers a particularly fine aerosol within 0.1 seconds, which provides for improved process conditions, shorter processing times and lower costs. A core property of this MMS system is the oil quantity that can be regulated regardless of the air pressure; it is also available in the simplest ControLube model. Depending on requirements, the system can also be retrofitted process-specifically with additional modules – on through to a controllable air pressure of up to 20 bar.

Another component of the modular machine is the new KNOLL plate conveyor, which can be observed through an inspection window. Thanks to its construction with hinge-free connected plates, it is suitable both for the transport of chips during wet and dry processing, as well as for conveying parts, for example, from punching/nibbling machines.  Such a plate conveyor is suitable even for hot applications, such as laser cutting. 

Following the conveyor, the KNOLL RKR return pumping station demonstrates how cooling lubricant and chips can be transported reliably, cleanly and in a space-saving manner from the machine to a central separator/filter.

State-of-the-art filter technology is also on view in the KNOLL booth, for example, a representative of the MicroPur® superfine filter family that is predestined to remove residues of grinding processings from cooling lubricant. The MicroPur® 120/AK5 that will be exhibited features two backflushable filter elements for a filter capacity of approximately 120 liters is intended for use on individual machines. It is particularly cost-effective when working with the integrated KNOLL AK5 automatic concentrator, which reduces the carryover of oil and can ensure a residual moisture content in the settled material of less than or equal to 10%.

The LubiCool mobile high-pressure station is also refreshingly different; it is designed for use on short and long automatic lathes. KNOLL equips this new cooling lubricant unit with high-quality components. The KF 110 compact filter cleans the cooling lubricant in full flow, the contamination is removed completely. The KTS screw pump places the medium under high pressure, with up to 150 bar available. The result: short processing time, short-breaking chips, and longer tool life spans. Both modules have already proven themselves a thousand times over in permanent KNOLL cooling lubricant systems. Now their quality is also an advantage in the LubiCool unit, which is connected to the machine with hoses and therefore remains mobile.

Completely new is the SmartConnect operating concept, which is used in the LubiCool for the first time. A small industrial computer is connected to the system PLC. Using a 7" touch display, the user can access the system, visualize states, check parameters, and thus change to manual mode. The new concept also includes an integrated LED lamp, which permanently indicates the system status, and indicates an upcoming fleece change in due time through a color change, for example.

Last but not least, KNOLL's service offerings will be taken up at various points in the KNOLL trade show booth. A monitor and images are devoted to the critical topic of maintenance, among others. Performed regularly, it reduces service costs, prevents unforeseen breakdowns, and increases availability.

KNOLL employs well trained service personnel, runs a prompt supply of spare parts and offers the posibility of full-service contracts. Since KNOLL products are in use around the world, this Bad Saulgau company ensures that there is adequate support. With its own branch offices in European countries, the USA, and China, KNOLL assists its customers in their local language entirely according to their needs.

The service hotline is available around the clock anywhere in the world. Qualified service employees assist customers both on the telephone and online. If necessary, they will send a service technician to visit you. Other service offerings range from inspection to system and pump repair, energy optimization, remote monitoring, laboratory analysis of the cooling lubricant, on through to trainings.

KNOLL Maschinenbau at AMB 2018 in Hall 8, booth C 40.



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Press photo
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Now with modular construction: the KNOLL ControLube MMS system, which works with injector technology and microprocessor control. jpg (430 KB)


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Due to its structure with plates that are joined hinge-free, the new KNOLL plate conveyor can be used in many ways. jpg (972 KB)

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