Plasticize block material easily

The MF conveyor, presented by KNOLL Maschinenbau, Bad Saulgau at iba 2018, is the ideal unit for conveying hard blocks made of fondant, marzipan, chocolate, fat or butter at a lower viscosity. KNOLL displacement pumps can then transport the pliable mass over even long distances for further processing.

Plasticize block material easily

For many years, KNOLL Maschinenbau has been offering special solutions for plasticizing block material using the DSP double spindle pump. Growing demand has recently triggered the move to adopt this approach and implement it in a standard unit. The result is the new KNOLL MF conveyor, which will initially be available in two different housing sizes. It has already proven to be successful in test operation at various companies in the foodstuffs industry and can be seen at iba 2018, the world's leading trade fair for bakery, confectionary and snacks, at the KNOLL trade fair stand (Hall A5 / 311).

The KNOLL MF conveyor comprises an open hopper housing containing two interlocking screw conveyors which do not make physical contact. To ensure synchronized movements, KNOLL has placed a gearbox between the drive and the two screws. As an option, the two screw conveyors can be provided with an FDA-compliant coating which prevents product adherence and reduces cleaning time.

There is also an option to fit the generously proportioned hopper with a cylinder. This supports the function of the screw conveyors and prevents bridging inside of the housing. It is also possible to retrofit the cylinder in a user-friendly manner and without having to deploy an external service fitter.

The cylinder has its own geared motor, which uses an integrated frequency inverter to adapt the rotational speed to the screw conveyors. The cylinder is also able to compensate for fluctuations in viscosity and thus to support a reliable process flow.

This is interesting in the sense that block material is generally highly sensitive and the unit requires a specific design with regards to the product properties and core temperatures. KNOLL offers advice and practical support regarding this matter.

Where products need to be transported over a longer distance following plasticization, a displacement pump can also be connected. The attachment of a KNOLL MX 30 progressing cavity pump is already provided for in the basic version of the MF conveyor. The adaptable MX pump assemblies do not even require an additional drive since the screw conveyor motor can take on this task.

Should this combination with the progressing cavity pump not be sufficient, it is also possible to attach a KNOLL ML rotary pump or a screw pump from the MS series. KNOLL even provides solutions for transporting the block material, such as an additional conveyor belt. This means that the customer receives a complete, partially automated system from a single source.


Press photo
Press photo
The KNOLL MF conveyor is used to plasticize block material. Provision has also been made for connecting a displacement pump for further conveying of the medium. jpg (316 KB)


Press photo
Press photo
The hopper housing contains two screw conveyors. Their function can be supported by an optionally available separate cylinder which is driven separately. jpg (170 KB)

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