Convey flexibly and without harming the product

The MS screw pump from KNOLL Maschinenbau is a high-performance unit designed especially for conveying tasks in the food industry. However, it also exhibits its many advantages in the cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Convey flexibly and without harming the product

Drehkolbenpumpe ML - KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH

For demanding users in the food industry, it is important that their products are conveyed with low shear and gently. The KNOLL MS screw pump fulfills this requirement perfectly, for it transports the media without changes of direction and nearly pulsation-free.

In addition, this pump, which works according to the displacement principle, can be used especially flexibly due to its large speed range. It is suitable for conveying both highly viscous media (up to 1 million mPAS) as well as low viscosity and even chunky products. Users do not require an additional CIP centrifugal pump.

The MS screw pumps can achieve – depending on their size and the area in which they are used – a delivery rate of 100 to 40,000 l/h, volumetric flow of up to 50 m³/h and a differential pressure up to 20 bar. With an eye to the primary areas of application, KNOLL produces the pump body and the bearing housing of the MS double screw pumps of stainless steel and adhere to tight tolerances for all components. In the end, the small gap dimensions achieved this way are reflected in the pump's quiet running and long life span.

Furthermore, the elastomer-free conveying elements are designed so that they run touchlessly. Just as important: the units have robust needle and ball bearings and oil circulation lubrication. This guarantees high quality and temperature stability.

The pump housing is designed in three pieces. This keeps the weight of the individual parts relatively low, which makes the pump easier to maintenance and service.


Press photo
Press photo
The main area of application of the KNOLL MS screw pump is the food industry. However, it is just as good for use in the cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. jpg (471 KB)


Press photo
Press photo
The double spindles of the KNOLL MS pump run touchlessly and thus wear-free. jpg (286 KB)

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