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World's first

Optimising logistics, lead times and energy efficiency were the focus for our new wet painting operations. Storage, assembly, conveying technology and painting go hand in hand:

World's first

KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH - Mitarbeiter an neuer Nasslackierung
  • The new storage facility contains pumps, motors and filters
  • Two synchronised assembly lines support the fitters as they assemble the pumps
  • An automatic sorting facility pools the suspended parts by order
  • The band conveyor transports the parts into the painting and drying cabin

A new combination paint shop is available for large sheet metal containers. Here, the parts are cleaned, dried, painted and dried once again. Both the water system with its filtration technology and the ventilation system with its energy recovery system conserve resources and protect the environment. Heating and cooling are partially managed by heat pumps supplied with groundwater.

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