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World premiere

The KNOLL website will strut its stuff in a new outfit come early 2018. The careers section was the starting point for revamping the appearance of the site, but ultimately the whole platform will receive a new visual facelift. The contract was awarded to the agency Gessulat/Gessulat from Munich. Sandra Wiedergrün, Dirk Reiner, Lisa Bareth and Melissa Kraft had a hand in the work and explain the new features.

World premiere

KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH - neuer Homepageauftritt bei KNOLL
KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH - neuer Homepageauftritt bei KNOLL

Dirk Reiner: "The deciding factor was recognising that the careers section on our website receives a very large amount of traffic. Our aim is to recruit staff. KNOLL has a huge amount to offer, and now we're showing that. For example, flexible working arrangements at KNOLL facilitate an excellent work-life balance, allowing our staff to reconcile their professional and personal lives."

Lisa Bareth: "In the trainee area, we're working with the Headline 'We enhance everything – and especially you'. That really puts it in a nutshell. Meanwhile, in the professionals area, we are playfully addressing a variety of audiences by showing them everything is possible with us. And we've chosen authentic representatives from KNOLL with this in mind."

Melissa Kraft: "The new website is contemporary and more emotive. Until now, we've emphasised our first-class products. Now we're demonstrating the emotional value of our company as well. By the by, the website is of course technologically up-to-date as well, with responsive design for all end devices. It is also built in a transparent and user-friendly way when it comes to click paths."

Sandra Wiedergrün: "With the relaunch of the website, we wanted to reconcile the cornerstones of uniform look and feel and imagery, fresh design and clear structure. We show KNOLL employees at their own workstations, therefore representing the genuine KNOLL family. As before, users can access product photos and videos as well as data sheets. But there are also a number of new features. The lifeblood of the site are its own 'call to action' areas. And the subject of social media plays an important role as well: The trainee area is linked to both Facebook and Instagram. Of course, KNOLL has its own channel on YouTube too."

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