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KNOLL is family-oriented and open-minded.

Two generations of one family at KNOLL? This is nothing unusual. Of around 15 % of the apprentices starting each year, each has at least one family member who already works at KNOLL.

KNOLL is family-oriented and open-minded.

Christian Menner, Hanne and Dirk Dreher

Thomas and Marco Pastuovic

Since September of last year, there is even an apprentice whose family has been employed at KNOLL for three generations and has thus been present during the development of the company from the very beginning. During an interview, Johann ("Hanne") and Dirk Dreher, Christian Menner, Thomas and Marco Pastuovic talk about training and employment at KNOLL. The second employee ever and the first apprentice in the company get a chance to speak and the company's story is therefore told, to a certain extent, from the perspective of employees who were there right from the start.

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