Areas of application

INNOZL™ coolant nozzles are designed for precision grinding and for stable series production. They are suitable both for the original equipment of new machines and for the retrofit of existing machines.



Correct and needs-based supply of cooling lubricant reduces the required flow rate

• Lower pump capacity required
• Lower cooling capacity required
• Smaller cooling lubricant system possible

Targeted cooling lubricant jet through optimal flow channel geometry improves cooling, lubrication and chip removal

• Prevention of abrasive burning
• Longer life of grinding disc
• Higher productivity
• Lower grinding costs
• Lower power consumption of spindles


INNOZL™ coolant nozzles

  • prevent abrasive burning by delivering the cooling lubricant directly to the contact zone at the same flow rate and speed
  • are made of titanium with additive manufacturing process
  • are equipped with internal flow channel geometry which keeps the flow velocity and direction constant for complex and high-quality grinding processes
  • are examined in a flow analysis across the entire nozzle width for consistent cooling lubricant discharge
  • are very compact and can be mounted as a single-piece accessory on existing machine cooling systems

Standard nozzles INNOZL™ SL

Special nozzles INNOZL™ CL


Identify challenges in your grinding process before problems arise. We support you with process mapping and on-site consulting. As a result, we provide you with a specially designed coolant nozzle for your grinding process for the optimised supply of the cooling lubricant to the machining point. The objectives include assurance of the product quality by avoiding thermal damage to your components, an increase in productivity and a reduction of the cooling lubricant and energy consumption.


INNOZL™ coolant nozzles

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Data sheet
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