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Return pumping station RSR

Areas of application

The type RSR return pumping station is a compact feed station suitable for side installation on machine tools which produce small amounts of chips, particularly grinders. It can be configured as a collection station for collecting small amounts of cooling lubricant from centrifuges, conveyors and drip pans.



  • Fully automatic, unmanned cooling lubricant and chip transport
  • Simple, solid design
  • Chip reducer cannot be retrofitted
  • The cooling lubricant intake can be adapted to the machine (gravity inflow or pumping)
  • All drives and maintenance areas are outside of the machine tool



The cooling lubricant contaminated with sludge or chips flows through an outlet on the machine tool and into the pump back tank. An auxiliary lifting pump assists this process where required. The recirculation pump transports the chip/cooling lubricant mixture through the return pipe to the filtration system. The tangential intake has a helical channel which prevents the deposition of grinding sludge.

Pump back station RSR