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Datasheet MQL system ControLube




MQL system ControLube

Areas of application


In contrast to wet coolant lubrication, with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), only a little lubricant (approx. 5 – 50 ml/h) is used. Most production processes with geometrically-determined cutting such as cutting, turning and drilling can be executed with MQL. All common metals can be processed. The ControLube MQL system is ideal if at least one of the following criteria applies: mass production, drilling of deep holes, thread formation, high speeds, many tools, small tools, monolith tools, transfer lines, automotive, aerospace, tool/mold construction. 



  • Generates fine and homogeneous aerosol
  • Simple process changeover wet machining <-> MQL
  • Even oil distribution in all tool outlets
  • Larger quantities of oil can be set (regardless of the plant tool size)
  • Quick response time on program change
  • Complete network air pressure available
  • Supplies up to 4 spindles simultaneously
  • No special tool components required (analogous to single-channel)


Function description


The MQL system conveys air and oil in separate lines into the mixing chamber. It is just in front of the spindle rotary feedthrough. An injector sprays the oil in under high pressure. It mixes with the air fed in to form a fine aerosol. The oil/air mixture then streams through

- the rotary feedthrough,

- the fixed spindle tube,

- the tool holder,

- the tool

and escapes through the coolant channel in the tool to the processing point. Per processing operation, the programmer can specify either the air pressure or the air quantity, in addition to the oil quantity. There are 2 control possibilities for each: 

  • The air pressure remains largely constant during the processing
  • The air quantity remains largely constant (ideal for deep hole drilling) during the processing