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Compact filter KF

Areas of application

The compact filter KF is a band filter for cleaning coolant lubricants of machining processes. It is used as an independent cleaning unit (e.g. in grinding machines) or in combination with chip conveyors (e.g. in machining centres). In addition to a local application (for a machine tool), a central application (for several machine tools) is also possible.



  • Compact design
  • Good cost/performance ratio
  • In comparison with flatbed filters with the same filter rate: requires less space, better degree of purity and lower fleece consumption
  • Trouble-free removal of chips, including light alloy
  • Optional equipment with filter fleece or endless belt
  • All-purpose filter for different machining procedures, materials and coolant lubricants




Filtration process

Waste fluid flows from the side through the inlet box and into the filter groove. Having been cleaned, it flows from here through the filter belt (filter fleece or endless belt) and the carrier belt into the clean tank. Due to the hydrostatic pressure present inside the filter groove, a filter cake builds up on the filter belt. This filter cake acts as a filter medium and collects tiny dirt particles. 


Filter belt regeneration

The growing filter cake increases the flow resistance through the filter surface, causing the level inside the filter groove to rise. When the level reaches a defined threshold value, the belt drive cuts in and conveys the carrier belt a little further. With permeable filter belt now over the filter surface, the level inside decreases again. The depleted filter fleece is conveyed into a sludge tank or, alternatively, onto a winding device downstream of a scraper. The depleted endless belt passes after the filter groove a brush-off and a reverse flushing device.

Compact filter KF
Compact filter KF-E
Compact filter KF 200
Compact filter KF400/1700