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Chip reducer ZV+ZVD+ZVDD

Areas of application

The ZV, ZVD and ZVDD chip reducer is specially suited to reducing metal and plastic chips. The unit is connected decentrally to machining installations (can also be retrofitted) or to central collection points, chips are fed in from above. Different chip qualities (chip classes) may be required depending on the purpose of the chip reduction; the KNOLL chip reducer can achieve the required quality (< 30 mm) through the attachment of the appropriate equipment:

Volume reduction (without a granulator): Improves transportation and storage capacity of wool and coiled chips.

Processing (with granulator): Preprocessing chips for centrifuging, pressing, melting, conveying, pumping, sucking, etc.



  • Suitable for different chip types (e.g. steel, cast iron, aluminium, plastic)
  • Flexible, convertable modular system, available in 3 lengths
  • Drawing-in process not influenced by the chip shape
  • Option of fully automatic reject part discharger
  • Simple, robust and service-friendly design
  • Minimal energy consumption



    1. The chips fall from above into the supply funnel (1).
    2. The rotation knife wave collect the chips and pulls it via the fixed knife in the cutting plattform.
    3. Between the rotating (2) an the standing (3) knife the chips will be crushed.
    4. The granulating sieve (4) has a usage-specific hole diameter. It allows only chips with the desired maximum length to pass downwards. Longer chips return to the reducer station.
    5. Suction station or pump-back stations transport the chips away.
Chip reducer ZV
Chip reducer ZVD
Chip reducer ZVDD