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Chip reducer ZH

Areas of application 

The chip reducer ZH is a component of the machine-integrated pump-back station RIK. It is installed if longer chips or chip balls are produced during machining operations. After pumping back, the chips are of the quality necessary for further processing in centrifuges or presses.



    • Suitable for different chip types (e.g. steel, cast iron, aluminium, plastic).
    • Suitable for installation in machine-integrated pump-back stations.
    • Drawing-in process not influenced by the chip shape.
    • Simple, rugged and service-friendly design.
    • Minimal energy consumption.


  1. Feed screws (1) feed the chips horizontally into the chip reducer.
  2. The horizontal rotating cutter shaft (2) collects the chips and drags them over the fixed blade (3) into the cutting mechanism.
  3. The chips are reduced between the rotating (2) and fixed (3) cutter blades.
  4. The granulating sieve (4) has a usage-specific hole diameter. Only chips with the desired maximum length can pass through the sieve and into the suction station or pump-back station. Longer chips return to the reducer station.
Chip reducer ZH