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Foreign-oil separators

Skimmers, separators

Areas of application

For maintenance of cooling lubricants by removing foreign oils and contaminants from cooling lubricants and other fluids..


Foreign oils reduce the effect of aqueous cooling lubricants. Separating these oils significantly improves working hygiene in production.


  • Skimmer: The foreign oils floating on top during the settling phase are removed by means of belts, tubes or wheels, which exert a high adhesive force on oil.
  • Separator: The fluid surface is continuously drawn off and delivered into an oil separator. Built-in plate systems ensure an optimum and continuous removal of foreign oil. The fluid flows back into cooling lubricant tanks.   


Reduction of germs and odours, increase in the service life of the media used, reduction of disposal costs, avoidance of skin complaints and diseases.

Foreign-oil separators