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Chip compactors

Areas of application

Metallic ships are accumulated in many modes of machining in different industries. They are for the most part tainted with cooling lubricants such as oil or emulsion and often demonstrate only low bulk densities. Because of the benefits described, briquetting (compacting) is therefore an economical and ecological alternative to chip processing. Chips are compacted into dry and compact briquettes.



Pressures can be adapted or pre-compressors optionally selected to suit the material.



Screw conveyors transport the chips to pressing cylinders. Depending on the demand, these generate different pressures with the aid of a hydraulic unit for high to very high throughputs and deliver briquettes of manageable dimensions.



Additional revenue for chips, pure cooling-lubricant recovery, volume reduction compared with loose chips, reduction of transportation and handling costs.

Chip compactors