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Screw pump KTS

Dry and wet installed high-pressure pump for cleaned cooling lubricants, optionally in a highly wear-resistant version. Volumetric flow up to 900 l/min, pressure up to 150 bar.


Screw pump KTSV

Extremely wear-resistant high-pressure pump for conveying and dosing free-flowing to high-viscosity media in process engineering. Volumetric flow up to 50 m³/h, pressure up to 200 bar.


Progressing cavity pump MX

Easy-to-service and easy-to-clean hygiene pump for free-flowing to compact and lumpy media in the foodstuff, paint, cosmetics and chemical industries. Volumetric flow up to 100 m³/h, pressures up to 10 bar per stage, limiting pressure 80 bar.


Rotary pump ML

Robust hygiene pumps are extremely well-suited for highly-demanding conveying tasks. In the food and cosmetics industries, rotary pumps are the most commonly used displacement pumps. In the dye and chemical industries, rotary pumps are also indispensable. Their small space requirement, easy maintenance and reliability have been inspiring people for decades. Delivery rate up to 300 m³/h, pressures up to 20 bar.


Screw pump MS

Double screw pumps are high-performance units that are becoming ever more popular thanks to their advantages, precisely in the food and cosmetics production sectors. Due to the very great speed range, they are used both for the conveying of viscous products and simultaneously as CIP cleaning pumps. Delivery rates up to 50 m³/h, pressures up to 20 bar.


KNOLL centrifugal pump T

Centrifugal pump T

Vertical immersion pump for delivering cooling lubricants and wash water. Volumetric flow up to 1600 l/min, pressure up to 6 bar, grain size up to 30 mm.


Shredder pump TSC

Cooling lubricant pump with integrated reducer for shredding aluminium chips.


Pressure booster DHS

For supplying machine tools with cooling lubricant.