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Machine tools

Our aim is to offer economical, customised solutions with great customer benefits which are characterised by high energy efficiency in the production process. For the machine-tool industry KNOLL offers pumps to deliver fouled or abrasive media and to supply tools with cooling lubricant. KNOLL high-pressure pumps are suitable for internally cooling tools and for flushing grinding wheels clear. KNOLL low-pressure pumps are used as lifting pumps for fouled media for external coolant supply, as scavenging pumps and as filter supply pumps.


Screw spindle pump KTS

Dry- and wet-installed high-pressure pump for cleaned cooling lubricants, optionally in a highly wear-resistant version. Volumetric flow up to 900 l/min, pressure up to 150 bar.


Centrifugal pump T

Vertical immersion pump for delivering cooling lubricants and wash water. Volumetric flow up to 1600 l/min, pressure up to 6 bar, grain size up to 30 mm.


Shredder pump TSC

Cooling lubricant pump with integrated reducer for shredding aluminium chips.


Pressure booster DHS

For supplying machine tools with cooling lubricant.