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World's first

Optimising logistics, lead times and energy efficiency were the focus for our new wet painting operations. Storage, assembly, conveying technology and painting go hand in hand: 

  • The new storage facility contains pumps, motors and filters
  • Two synchronised assembly lines support the fitters as they assemble the pumps
  • An automatic sorting facility pools the suspended parts by order
  • The band conveyor transports the parts into the painting and drying cabin


A new combination paint shop is available for large sheet metal containers. Here, the parts are cleaned, dried, painted and dried once again. Both the water system with its filtration technology and the ventilation system with its energy recovery system conserve resources and protect the environment. Heating and cooling are partially managed by heat pumps supplied with groundwater.




World leader

When it comes to making savings, our compact ultra-fine filter systems are without question the world leader. Manufacturers of HSS tools reduce their operating costs by up to € 60,000 per year at a filtration capacity of 1000 l/min. This potential applies to tools, filter consumables, energy and disposal. From a technological standpoint, the systems stand out thanks to their special two-phase filtration system: 1) Large particle separation using the continuous belt filter. 2) Ultra-fine filtering using MicroPur®. An especially effective sludge concentrator works in parallel with this. It removes the back-flushed filter concentrate from the system and prevents the concentration of ultra-fine particles.


Global outlook

Our company as a whole is currently grappling with the issue of digitalisation, including Industry 4.0. Our solutions on the product front will have to be perfectly adapted to customer requirements in future as well. KNOLLControl is a web-based tool that directly communicates with the KNOLL installation control system. Depending on the sensor specifications, the user can comprehensively control and monitor the operating conditions. This solution can be deployed both locally within the company network and in conjunction with cloud platforms.


This year's world record

Another central KNOLL installation is taking over cooling lubricant preparation and chip disposal for a German manufacturer of agricultural machinery. The installation concept is based on multi-stage filtration with reversible fl ow fi lters and replaces a 27-year-old system for manufacturing large parts. There were a number of challenging requirements: 

  • 20,000 l/min cooling lubricant volume fl ow, 1.1 t/h chip mass flow
  • The new installation has to replace the old one in the same place
  • The new installation has to be assembled at the same time the old one is disassembled
  • A three-week (20-day) time frame over Christmas/New Year 2016/17


The race entailed by the project schedule called for shift-based assembly. We worked hand-in-hand with an external service provider and cooperated with the customer very closely in the process.



New products, new distribution channels, new sectors – our transport and assembly logistics divisions demonstrate their all-round openness to new ideas. Professional project planning services with KNOLL as the main contractor creates optimum value for money for our customers. From the planning phase to implementation, we render all the services for each project. Customers from a wide range of applications are already taking advantage of this superb service. These applications cover assembly and logistics in the mechanical engineering, automotive and aviation industries. Further examples include electric battery assembly, plastics technology, large clutch assembly, robotic cell material feeds, wheel testing facilities and control cabinet assembly. Our success vindicates this concept: In the form of numerous follow-up projects to completed orders.


Sweet world

All around the world, the confectionery industry uses KNOLL's MX eccentric screw pump: In 21 countries, from the USA to Australia, our pump is used by the company Wiegers Process Innovations. And this customer, headquartered in the Netherlands, is impressed. That's because there are many reasons why the MX is the ideal tool for, for example, correctly filling biscuits: 

  • Exact metering of fillings and coatings
  • Simultaneous application of two different mixtures
  • Very long operating cycle without the need for readjustment
  • Uniform filling quality thanks to careful pumping


New worlds 

New worlds, new markets:

Our all-round genius – the slat belt.


Wet machining

More effective separation of cooling lubricants and chips thanks to an improved seal between the outer and inner sections of the belt.


Turning and milling processes

Short and long chips within one machine.


Punching/nibbling machines

Sharp-edged cuts with sheet thicknesses over 0.5 mm.


Laser machines

The mobility of the belt remains constant because the laser melter cannot lock the joints.


Parts conveyor

Hot, sharp-edged parts, that can also be wetted with oil (e.g. for cold reshaping).


Global competence: Welcome!

We are gradually building a global KNOLL network with our own subsidiaries and sales partners. This means we can connect with our customers directly – in their language and according to how they think. Besides our subsidiaries in the USA, Poland and Italy we are now expanding further with new sales partners in India and Hungary, as well as an additional sales partner in Brazil.


Hello, hogy vagy
In the Eastern European market, Hungary is the country where the automotive industry's end customers come together. "Follow the customer" provides a logical argument for establishing a presence here. Our partners from Prémium Szerszámgépszerviz Kft. are the perfect experts for the KNOLL portfolio.
Bom dia, tudo bem
In Brazil, another KNOLL partner has recently expanded our existing cooperation in the fi eld of pumping to encompass expertise in filtering and conveying in particular. To this end, an expert partner with mastery of both the German and Portuguese languages was found in Agoratec, in Joinville.
In India as well, we have gained access to a major, important market in the machine tools industry. Our new partner, NNCEA in Hyderabad, is well established in the sector and represents KNOLL competence in the region.


World premiere

The KNOLL website will strut its stuff in a new outfit come early 2018. The careers section was the starting point for revamping the appearance of the site, but ultimately the whole platform will receive a new visual facelift. The contract was awarded to the agency Gessulat/Gessulat from Munich.  Sandra Wiedergrün, Dirk Reiner, Lisa Bareth and Melissa Kraft had a hand in the work and explain the new features.


Dirk Reiner: "The deciding factor was recognising that the careers section on our website receives a very large amount of traffic. Our aim is to recruit staff. KNOLL has a huge amount to offer, and now we're showing that. For example, flexible working arrangements at KNOLL facilitate an excellent work-life balance, allowing our staff to reconcile their professional and personal lives."


Lisa Bareth: "In the trainee area, we're working with the Headline 'We enhance everything – and especially you'. That really puts it in a nutshell. Meanwhile, in the professionals area, we are playfully addressing a variety of audiences by showing them everything is possible with us. And we've chosen authentic representatives from KNOLL with this in mind."


Melissa Kraft: "The new website is contemporary and more emotive. Until now, we've emphasised our first-class products. Now we're demonstrating the emotional value of our company as well. By the by, the website is of course technologically up-to-date as well, with responsive design for all end devices. It is also built in a transparent and user-friendly way when it comes to click paths."


Sandra Wiedergrün: "With the relaunch of the website, we wanted to reconcile the cornerstones of uniform look and feel and imagery, fresh design and clear structure. We show KNOLL employees at their own workstations, therefore representing the genuine KNOLL family. As before, users can access product photos and videos as well as data sheets. But there are also a number of new features. The lifeblood of the site are its own 'call to action' areas. And the subject of social media plays an important role as well: The trainee area is linked to both Facebook and Instagram. Of course, KNOLL has its own channel on YouTube too."


International stars

Our five KNOLL staff celebrating anniversaries this year can look back on a wealth of experience totalling 125 years. We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to those celebrating their 25th work anniversary with us: Daniel Krezdorn, Dirk Reiner, Hubert Reiner, Hasan Sadi and Silke Schmidt. This year seven of our staff have left the company to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Our heartfelt thanks go to Alysch Alyschow, Hans-Peter Burth, Johannes Falz, Gerold König, Edith Ludwig-Gaiser, Wilfried Ostermaier and Erwin Rauch for all the years we have spent together.


A total of 37 trainees started their training with KNOLL at the beginning of September 2017, covering the following fields: Industrial mechanics (13), machine and equipment operators (6), construction mechanics (1), mechatronics engineers (3), industrial engineering electronics engineers (4), industrial engineering electricians (2), technical product designers (3) and industrial management assistants with additional technical qualifications (3). Two DHBW students also started on the first of October (one with a degree in Industrial Business Management: Industry 4.0, and one with a degree in Mechanical Engineering – Construction and Development).


The Master Plan embarks on its final campaign

Hall rehabilitation
Various halls have been extended and modernised. One of them now houses two transport systems for flow assemblies of filters and complete filter systems.

New wet paint shop
From mid-2017 the old wet paint shop will be replaced by a new building. State-of-the-art heating, ventilation and lighting systems will ensure optimum energy efficiency. A flow assembly for centrifugal pumps will also be housed there.
New office building
The master plan will be completed with the construction of one three-storey and one six-storey office building  They will provide space for approx. 200 employees. Air conditioning and heating will be provided by heat pumps that are supplied with ground water.
New assembly hall
Ready for occupation right at the beginning of the year: The new assembly hall covering an area of 5000 m². Our employees will soon be assembling chip conveyors and filter systems under the grassed-over hall roof.


Goal scorer

Many of our customers expect a partner like KNOLL to set up operations where they are busiest. In other words, they should "follow the customer". That is why we are cementing our own international position. We are gradually founding our own sales and service subsidiaries in the most important key markets.

  • Subsidiary in the USA: We are strengthening the existing ties between KNOLL America Inc. and the parent company and continuing to expand on them.
  • In Poland, will see not only the construction of a sales and service subsidiary, but also the manufacture of series-produced sheet metal components in a new facility.
  • We kicked off the year in Italy with the opening of the sales subsidiary in Bergamo. The Italian market is one of the largest European markets for KNOLL and is there-fore ideally suited to this consistent reorientation.


On the start line


35 apprentices and 2 students from the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) have just started at KNOLL. The apprentices are based in the following disciplines: 16 industrial mechanics, 4 machine/plant operators, 1 construction mechanic, 2 mechatronics engineers, 5 electronics engineers for plant technology, 1 industrial electrician, 3 technical product designers, 3 industrial salespersons (1x additional qualification in international business management with foreign languages and 2x additional qualifications in technology). The two DHBW students are studying industrial engineering at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Ravensburg. They have trained at KNOLL previously and can now pursue their further development here in alongside their studies. In total, KNOLL currently has 105 trainees.



As of this academic year, mechanics and electronics apprentices have been working directly in the training workshop. This began with the assembly of a transport conveyor, but there are other products lined up. With this initial assembly experience, apprentices have already been able to help assemble installations on customer premises. 


More information


New heroes

We offer our warmest congra-tulations to those celebrating an anniversary at KNOLL. This is the first time we have been able to thank KNOLL employees for 40 years of service. We are particularly delighted by this, as it is an expression of long-standing loyalty and also makes a significant contribution to the history of KNOLL.


The following people are celebrating their 25th anniversary:
Harald Bareth, Roland Boscher, Thorsten Geertz, Albert Gelder, Roland Hinderhofer, Georg Hund, Martin Kartmann, Holger Klein, Wilhelm Maucher, Michael Münch, Karl-Rudolf Vogel, Markus Voggel, Frank Zimmermann.


Congratulations to the following people on their 40th anniversary:
Gerold König, Thomas Pastuovic, Anton Weiss.


We would like to thank our colleagues who are now entering retirement and wish them all the very best health and happiness for the future:
Gabor Balazs, Walter Herbst, Wilhelm Maucher, Werner Mors, Dieter Rau.


MX: Can be put to a variety of uses

Our customers need pumps which can withstand even frequent changes of formulation: The MX progressive cavity pump is hygienic, resistant to chemicals and is easy to clean. Its pump technology also offers accurate metering of substances ranging from liquids to highly viscous pastes.

In the chemical industry.
Dyes, resins, adhesives.


For foodstuffs.
Flavours, chocolate, sugar masses.


For cosmetic products.
Washing lotion, shampoos, creams.



Almost limitless options for transportation and assembly: TS

Transportation on two levels
• Cycled flow assembly for moderately heavy to heavy devices, including assemblies
• Devices can be removed for ergonomic accessibility during assembly and electrically rotated
• Saves space – transportation on two levels
• Compensation for fluctuations in capacity via the number of employees


Heavy-load transportation
• Decoupling the logistics process (forklift truck/machine)
• Transporting heavy loads
• Buffering and separating on one system

Separable assembly platform
• Cycled flow assembly
• Workpiece carrier system with removable running gear
• Barrier-free workstation for assembly
• Transportation of order-related material together with workpiece carrier for assembly


Synchronised assembly lines
• Cycled flow assembly
• System for conveying goods along the floor – level with the floor, cast
• Interface to the ERP System


Standard trolley transport system
• Supplying the material to a robot cell
• Decoupling the logistics process
• Buffering and separating on one system
• Transport trolleys can be attached without auxiliary equipment


Continuous conveying
• Flow assembly with continuous conveying
• Carrier trolleys that can be used universally and can be towed by tugger trains
• Carrier trolleys can be attached without auxiliary equipment
• Closed work surface


Intelligent assembly and selection system
• Cycled flow assembly via workpiece carriers
• Process-related assembly instructions for each workstation
• Ergonomic workstation
• Process control system



Strong together: KNOLL scores points with Engineering

A manufacturer of machine tools received an order to provide processing machines including cooling lubricant preparation and chip transport for the processing of cylinder crank housings. KNOLL took on the engineering and implemented a modular, space-saving, and cost-optimized cooling lubricant and chip concept.


System configuration

  • Cooling lubricant: emulsion
  • Volumetric flow: 600 l/min
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Working processes: drilling, cutting, deep drilling
  • Chip form: short
  • Characteristic: trickle-capable
  • Mass flow: 62.5 kg/h
  • Total mass flow: 1500 kg/h (final expansion stage)
  • Number of machines: 24


Special feature

  • Group supply for 2 machines: 1 decentralized cooling lubricant system, 2 machine conveyors, 1 chip conveyor as cross conveyor, 2 screw pumps incl. PQ-Tronic
  • Central chip discharge via conveyor technology
  • Total length group conveyor approx. 60 m
  • Modular delivery steps in groups of 4 and 6 from 2014 to 2017






Broad-based investment – education partnerships

Meanwhile, KNOLL has formed educational partnerships with the Werkreal- and Realschule, as well as with the Störck-Gymnasium Bad Saulgau, the Realschule Mengen, and the Leopoldschule in Altshausen. In the course of the partnerships, projects in technology classes explain the topic of technology (metalworking and electrotechnology) to students. School events inform about training possibilities and KNOLL participates in professional days at the Realschule in Bad Saulgau and Mengen. Here, the following questions are answered: Does this profession suit my inclinations and capabilities? Do my prerequisites fulfil the requirements of the desired profession? Students profit from this tie to reality. Just as important to KNOLL is the presentation at educational events. Thus in February, there was another KNOLL booth at the "Marktplatz Ausbildung" in the Bad Saulgau Berufsschulzentrum.


More information about Training at KNOLL at Careers/Training oder


KTS screw pump with IE3 world motor 

With KNOLL you save energy not only when switching the pump on, but already with the acquisition of the motors


Starting on January 1, 2015, the next requirements phase for the efficiency of electric motors goes into force in Europe. The goal is to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions (EU directive 640/2009 and annex 04/2014). KNOLL Maschinenbau is setting a trend with the implementation of the eco design requirements. KTS high pressure pumps across the whole power spectrum will have world motors with the following equipment starting in 2015:

  • IE3 Premium Efficiency
  • NEMA Premium Efficient (UL/CSA models)
  • China Energy Label
  • Installed thermal protection (PTC thermistor temperature sensor)


available from stock up to 30 kW


The combination is worthwhile: KF-E and MicroPur®

Central cooling lubricants filter system for 5 grinding machines with a throughput of 1,500 l/min oil


Compact filter KF-E with endless belt and microfilter MicroPur® in a single system are particularly suitable for high chip transportation volumes or with numerous elongated particles that are difficult to backflush. KNOLL supplies this system technology for a HSS tool manufacturer from western Baden-Württemberg. The system, which has been installed since late summer, impresses with a series of advantages:

  • Drying of the filter cake and reuse of the recovered oil
  • Requirement-based filtration thanks to frequency-controlled filter pumps
  • Cut-in and cut-out option of the filter modules as required
  • High temperature stability through innovative control concept
  • Possibility of replacing filter cartridges during operation
  • Space-saving installation thanks to compact design


Further information to our filters/separators




Heat-resistant conveying for cooling down plastic moulds

KNOLL supplies a heat-resistant assembly and conveying system for a manufacturer of highly wear-resistant special plastics. The workpiece carriers are loaded automatically with the plastic moulds at a transfer station. The workpiece remain in the cooling section until the specified temperature has been reached. They are then released for discharge and requested by the push of a button. Without additional aids, the workpieces then leave the conveyor belt via exit ramps.

System with ERP connection for manufacturing cross member units for lorry undercarriages

For a supplier who rivets sheet metal assemblies in the heavy goods vehicle industry, KNOLL designed an assembly and conveying system with ERP connection. The plant is used for the manufacture of cross member units for lorry undercarriages. The system uses 14 carrier plates that constantly remain on the conveying system. Assembly points are installed by the customer on the carrier plates. Each carrier plate is assigned a job via an identification system. All information required is called up at all workplaces (loading station, riveting station, measuring station, removal station) by means of a process control system.


Further information to our assembly and transport systems


KNOLL knows exactly what customers in Switzerland want: precision and tidiness

25 machining centres, volume flow 2,000 l/min, brass machining


For a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, KNOLL configured and set up the central system technology and provided process support. The trust placed on KNOLL by the company is based on experience: already in 2010, KNOLL supplied a central system. Absolute process reliability was also essential in the present case and, due to the special product, very high requirements regarding system cleanness had to be met. The project also included planning of the hall pipework, including the option for switching over from the second to the first system.


Further information to our central systems


First place in China for successful filter technology and over a course of 5,000 m

50 machining centres, volume flow 20,000 l/min, material: cast aluminium


A supplier of gearbox cases for the automobile industry was looking for a reliable partner for a manufacturing project in China. KNOLL had already worked successfully with the company in the past and was thus awarded the contract. The order covered the planning and set-up of a central system with multi-level filtration as general contractor. The scope of services also included, among other things, the planning and installation of a 5,000 m long contaminated and clean medium pipework. The system has been in operation since February 2014. On site process and just-in-time support is guaranteed by KNOLL's Chinese service partner. The pre-installation and acceptance of the system technology took place in Bad Saulgau. 


Further information to our central systems


KNOLL progressing cavity pump MX

One of KNOLL's strengths is to find solutions that ensure trouble-free machining processes at the customer's and which are also future-oriented. This applies to all product areas of KNOLL and for areas that are served. Here, you can see successful applications of the progressing cavity pump MX with customised solutions for the food supplies and painting industry. The MX also works successfully in the sectors chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. 


"Decisive factors for Hänsel were, for example, the hygienic design of the MX and the superior cleaning capacity."

Hänsel Processing GmbH is a well-known plant and system provider in the sweets industry. It has already been using the MX progressing cavity pump for many years with great conviction. Its heatable double jacket made of high-grade steel, allows media, such as toffee, fudge or jelly masses, to be kept at a constant temperature and to be conveyed in a gentle manner. 


"IsernHäger decided to collaborate with KNOLL because we supply the MX progressing cavity pump not only in a standard version but can also configure it to customer specifications."

IsernHäger, pioneer in machine-controlled systems for starter and sour doughs, is a supplier of precision system technology. For customers from the bakery industry, IsernHäger developed a complete plant. A special version of the progressing cavity pump MX30R is used for mixing and pumping the starter dough. The progressing cavity pump received a suction housing with a relatively large diameter, the cleaning connections were equipped with nozzles for feeding fresh water.  


"For conveying the chocolate mass in the temperature control circuit, we replaced the previous positive displacement pump by a KNOLL progressing cavity pump MX30S. The prerequisite for a very stable crystallisation process was thus created." 

Uniform pressure and throughput combined with a small design, hygienic structure and heatable – this is what the responsible staff at Ritter Sport appreciated most of all about the KNOLL MX progressing cavity pumps. The chocolate manufacturer uses these pumps at various points: for conveying filling with high fat content independently of pressure into the aeration machine and for conveying constant masses of the chocolate into the tempering machine.


"We have already been using the MX progressing cavity pump from KNOLL for two years and can gladly confirm its excellent performance data and its high chemical resistance."

FreiLacke required an elastomer-free progressing cavity pump. KNOLL modified the vertical submerged pump MX20T and developed a joint-free version with a solid material stator made of PTFE. The plastic is chemically resistant, reacts very slowly, can be used at temperatures of up to 260 °C and resists the frequent use of aggressive cleaning agents. 

Further information to the progressing cavity pump MX




KNOLL is also on board: Inclusion in Upper Swabia

Inclusion paraphrases the demand for equal rights of participation in society. All persons should have opportunity to fully participate in an equal manner in all social processes. INIOS – Inclusion in Upper Swabia is an initiative that meets this demand for inclusion. Members of a company are given the opportunity to work in a workshop for people with disabilities. In return, the member of the workshop accompanies the exchange candidate to his/her own company. KNOLL has been participating in the scheme since this spring and, since September, has allowed all trainees in the company to take part. The co-operation takes place with the "Oberschwäbischen Werkstätten (OWB)" in Mengen and Bad Saulgau. Managing Director Matthias Knoll is convinced by the INIOS concept: "Social competence is highly significant in our company. This form of exchange offers excellent opportunities to gain practical experience in this field." KNOLL instructor Peter Widmann has already made a positive intermediate assessment: "We learn the importance of the readiness to help others, openness and acceptance of fellow human beings who are different."


Perfect Partners: KF-E and MicroPur®

The combination pays off: compact belt filter with KF-E endless belt and the MicroPur® superfine filter are suitable especially for great chip loads or a high number of particles that can be backflushed only with difficulty. KNOLL supplied precisely this system technology to an owner-operated company in southwest Baden-Württemberg. This manufacturer of highly-precise steel parts such as pump pistons, hydraulic feeders, and ground axles and shafts works for the automobile industry as well as for manufacturers of high-pressure cleaning devices and electric motors. Won over by KNOLL, the company examined a reference system. The system scores with a series of advantages. It is especially maintenance-friendly, the filter elements can be changed during ongoing operation. Frequency-controlled filter pumps ensure tailored filtration. Filter modules and compact belt filters can be switched on or off as needed. An innovative control concept guarantees high temperature stability. The reclaimed oil is fed back into the system. The setup is very compact and space-saving.


System technology

  • Initial separation thanks to 5 KF 600 compact filters
  • 4 MicroPur® 480F filter modules
  • AK 30 automatic concentrator
  • 180 kW plate heat exchanger
  • Central group conveyor
  • Chip press


System configuration

  • Material: Steel
  • Working process: Grinding
  • Machines: approx. 10
  • Volumetric flow: 1,500 l/min
  • Cooling lubricant: oil
  • Operating temperature: 26°C
  • Nominal degree of filtration: 3 - 5 µm


KNOLL systems provide security

A long-standing cooperation connects KNOLL and a manufacturer of precision steel pipes. Several systems have already been delivered and are in use – admired based on their proven, extremely reliable system technology, availability, and system stability. Now the customer needs a system concept for supplying cooling lubricant to a pipe testing system. A special challenge was making the cooling lubricant available with the greatest purity and at high pressure. We proposed the system concept and implemented the requirements with CA 100 centrifuges and our proven KTS high-pressure pumps.


System technology

  • 2-stage cooling lubricant filter system via scraper conveyor with permanent sludge discharge
  • Sedimentation and automatic sludge discharge
  • Full-stream filtration via completely automatic fluid centrifuges
  • High-pressure pump: special model with quick-switch valve
  • Clean coolant pumps with protective filters installed inline and plate heat exchanger
  • Metering and mixing device for automatic refilling


System configuration

  • Material: steel grit
  • Working processes: pipe cleaning and pipe testing
  • Volumetric flow: approx. 170 l/min
  • Cooling lubricant: emulsion
  • Concentration: 5 - 8%
  • Operating temperature: 25°C
  • Nominal degree of filtration: < 5 μm
  • Residual dirt content: < 10 mg/l


Filter Change

A long-standing cooperation connects KNOLL and a manufacturer of clamping and gripping technology. Various KNOLL systems are already in use – admired based on their proven, extremely reliable system technology, availability and system stability. Now KNOLL has planned the entire system concept including hall piping for sophisticated multi-level filtration; it was also responsible for assisting with assembly, start-up, and production. The main components were constructed redundantly. The installation location and the associated logistics and delivery presented a special challenge.


System technology

  • Multi-level filtration
  • Sedimentation in the desludger and automatic sludge discharge
  • Pre-filtration with drum gap filter
  • Full-stream filtration due to automatic reversible flow filter
  • Vacuum filter for bypass cleaning and preparation of the desludging from the reversible flow filter
  • Frequency-regulated clean coolant pump for the need-based supply of the machines
  • Metering and mixing device for automatic refilling
  • Coalescence precipitator for the separation of extraneous oils
  • Plate heat exchanger with 300 kW cooling capacity for the tempering of the KSS
  • Safety catch pan (WHG)


System configuration

  • Material: high-alloy steels
  • Working processes: turning, drilling, cutting
  • Number of machines: 20
  • Volumetric flow: 5000 l/min
  • Cooling lubricant: emulsion
  • Concentration: 5 - 8 %
  • Operating temperature: 25°C
  • Nominal degree of filtration: 30 μm
  • Introduction of extraneous oil: medium
  • Chip shape: long, bushy
  • Chip precipitator: via machine-supplied chip conveyor







Change of perspectives

KNOLL is participating in the program "Inclusion in Upper Swabia". In the spring, KNOLL trainee Julian Bechtle worked closely with Marcus Baumgärtner for one week in the Upper Swabian Workshop for the Disabled (OWB) in Mengen. Baumgärtner then came to KNOLL for one week. The exchange was part of the "INIOS – Inclusion in Upper Swabia" program. The project "Change of perspectives" allows trainees in regional companies to spend one week in a workshop for people with disabilities (WfBM) and in return, it allows people with disabilities to work one week in regional companies. KNOLL training manager Peter Widmann believes this is a positive development: "We learned a lot. Readiness to help others, openness and acceptance of one's fellow people who are different have increased substantially." Julian Bechtle sees things similarly: "For me, the cooperation with Marcus was enriching, especially the warm interaction. Surprising was that products and quantities similar to what we produce in chipping were also produced there." Managing Director Matthias Knoll is convinced: "Interpersonal skills are important to us. The exchange offers outstanding possibilities for gaining practical experience. Starting in the coming year, we would like to expand the project to all trainees and naturally also invite other employees of the OWB to visit us." For more details about the exchange week, see:


What is inclusion?


Everybody should have the opportunity to participate completely and equally in all social processes. A milestone here was set by the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, which went into force in Germany in 2009.


What is INIOS?


"INIOS - Inclusion in Upper Swabia" is a program for inclusion in work and the creation of inclusive life and working worlds where the differences between people are the rule. The project initiators are the Institut für Technik und Arbeit (ITA) and a series of other participants. The project is supported by the "Aktion Mensch."


Incorporated: VLO filter technology

KNOLL supplied the filter system technology for a manufacturer of transmissions and gear sets. The vacuum filter VLO 300-2 was selected. The VLO is especially well-suited for the production of gear sets and here for the the processing of abrasive fabric. In addition, these filters' compact installation space fits well in the available space. The KNOLL system was incorporated into an existing machine design and replaced the previous system. In order to guarantee a smooth transition, KNOLL integrated some components from the existing system and ensured the adaptation to the existing control design.


System Technology

  • Vacuum filter VLO 300-2
  • Immersion recooling unit supplied by the customer


System configuration

  • Material: steel, 42CrMo, 20 MnCr, manufacturing of worm gear shafts
  • Working processes: grinding, scrubbing, finishing
  • Grinding disk material: corundum
  • Number of machines: 1
  • Volumetric flow: 200 l/min
  • Cooling lubricant: oil
  • Viscosity at operating temperature: 50 mm²/s
  • Operating temperature: 2°C
  • Nominal degree of filtration: < 50 μm
  • Introduction of extraneous oil: no
  • Chip form: abrasive cloth
  • Mass flow: between 10 - 20 kg/h
  • Chip discharge: continuous


KNOLL training - still developing

Qualification is the foundation of personnel development – the current KNOLL training catalog begins with these words. The management would like to encourage employees to take advantage of the extensive offerings. There are many development opportunities for everybody.


KNOLL talent pool - coming right along

At KNOLL, employees with particular abilities have long been encouraged to develop these. In order to increase the number further, we have reworked the previous talent pool concept. The program is aimed at employees of all ages from all areas of the company, regardless of whether in Administration or Production. A defined selection process and a committee decide who will be included in the talent pool.


KNOLL system technology - still more flexible

A well-known manufacturer of CNC machines, metal carbide and diamond tools has selected KNOLL for its system technology. For even in the early planning phase, KNOLL was able to guarantee a great deal of flexibility. A challenge for the project was the constantly increasing production capacity of this rapidly-expanding company. The modular basic concept offered the opportunity to react to capacity changes in the course of the project with custom-tailored solutions. In addition, an interim solution for a transition period was provided on loan. The system, when fully installed, currently has a filtration capacity of 980 l/min and it can be expanded to 1900 l/min. The expansion is already prepared; it can be implemented without production downtime.


System technology
MicroPur® 960F filter system, AK 50 automatic concentrator, DKO1000 continuous-flow cooler, FKB/14000 safety catch pan


System configuration

Material: metal carbide; Working processes: rough grinding, finish grinding; Machines: 9; Volumetric flow: 850 l/min; expandable to 1900 l/min; Cooling lubricant: oil; Chip form: short


Special features/requirements
System is prepared for additional stage of expansion; As-needed and efficient filtration with superfine switching processes and process visualization; Maintenance-friendly: filter elements can be replaced during ongoing operation; Complete recovery of valuable raw materials thanks to effective regeneration system


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Systems engineering with distributed functions

KNOLL supplied a camshaft manufacturer with a central filtration system for its grinding operations. The material in question is through-hardened and induction hardened steel. The scope of services provided by KNOLL included the delivery and placement from the foundation up, as well as installation of the cooling lubricant supply system complete with the pipework in the cooling lubricant plant. The systems engineering comprises a modular filtration system with up to 4 vacuum filters; spacesaving cylindrical tank systems for storage and refilling of cooling lubricant; a materials handling system for the removal of grinding sludge and automatic filling of containers; a temperature control system with 300 kW refrigeration capacity, and a fluid centrifuge for bath maintenance. A briquetting press supplied by the customer for the recovery of machining oil rounds off the fully automatic cooling lubricant treatment and grinding sludge disposal system. The installed filtration stages are: a full-flow filtr tion stage via a continuous conveyor belt (20 μm), a partial-flow bypass filtration stage for spindle cooling (5 μm), and a bypass filtration stage for bath maintenance including centrifuge (3 μm). KNOLL came through with flying colours by delivering modular systems engineering without filtering agents and an integrated concept tailored to the customer's specifications. Both parties sealed their mutual trust in the form of a five-year contracting agreement . KNOLL will assume the role of plant operator over the contract term and, therefore, will be responsible for all inspections and maintenance work necessary to ensure trouble-free operation. 


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Integrating a transport system flexibly

The TSS transport system by KNOLL is now being used to good effect by a producer of high-performance polymers seeking to make its production process even more efficient. The customer was searching for a system that is flexibly adaptable to the production process and expandable on a modular basis. The TSS transport system meets all these criteria. It is used after the polymer curing process in the oven. The mould and the carrier pallet are transferred to a TSS truck at a transfer station. This truck is conveyed to a cooling zone comprising a conveyor belt with six buffer stations. Here, an enclosure with two high-speed gates ensures that the material is uniformly cooled. The heat which is released in this process is piped into the customer's heating system. Separate scissor-lift tables with a rotator unit remove the polymer mouldings so the moulds can be cleaned and prepared for the next process cycle. An additional enclosure is used for cooling the large plates.


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Pumping foodstuffs gently

A manufacturer of high-quality soups chose an MX progressing cavity pump for processing its products. The products in question are known for their fresh ingredients sourced from market halls in Munich. To ensure freshness, ingredients are processed immediately and conservatively. As a matter of principle, no additives or preservatives are used. The MX progressing cavity pump meets the customer's requirements to the full. It pumps and dispenses ingredients freshly and gently. Outstanding features of the MX pump include its enlarged suction housing with a nominal width of DN65 and its free spherical passage which allows particles up to a size of 22 mm to pass through. This allows chunks of both meat and vegetable to be pumped gently and without damage. The application involves handling a solids content of up to 25%. Other features of the pump are a max. pressure of up to 10 bar as well precision dispensing and control by means of a servo gear motor.


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RONDO relies on MX

For the opening of a new production location, the company RONDO FOOD GmbH & Co. KG ordered 16 progressing cavity pumps in the MX20 series with delivery rates between 15 and 209 l/h. This manufacturer of snack products for dogs and cats has worked with KNOLL since 2006 and, due to its own high quality requirements, it relies on the MX progressing cavity pump. Rondo Food places great value on the hygienic and high-quality processing of fresh raw materials.


Decisive advantages

  • 10 bar per pressure level thanks to the EvenWall® technology of the stator with its high pressing operation
  • Easy to service with quick and easy disassembly of the pumps thanks to the toolbox principle
  • Low variety of spare parts (pumps only vary in the pump assembly size)
  • Gentle product conveyance (pieces of meat in the slurry are not destroyed)


MX20 basic data

  • Maximum pressure: 40 bar
  • Delivery rate: 5 – 5,600 l/h
  • Viscosity: up to 200,000 mPas
  • Temperature: -30 °C to +140 °C
  • Free sphere passage: up to 22 mm
  • Operating parameters of the pumps
  • Medium: meat slurry with meat pieces
  • Viscosity: 1,000 – 3,000 mPas (consistency comparable to applesauce)
  • Solid content: 10 %
  • Particle size: 1.5 x 0.5 mm
  • Medium temperature: 5 °C
  • Delivery rate: 15 – 209 l/h
  • Pressure: 12 – 20 bar 


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KNOLL relies on performance

The construction at KNOLL continues. The goal is a sound future for the production location Bad Saulgau. Impressive figures for the street and land-exchange measures alone lie behind the new construction project: the construction site is approx. 14,500 sqm large and thus larger than two official soccer fields. In total, approx. 2700 cubic meters of soil were carried away; most of this has already been used for re-cultivation. Approximately 80 to 100 truckloads were stored temporarily so that a large green space can be created after completion of the construction project. The construction site digging produced approximately 1300 truckloads full. The delivery and installation of sound gravel and pure recycled concrete material filled approximately 2000 truckloads. The new street areas created are nearly 2800 sqm large.


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KNOLL is now taking a new approach to the topic of training: since the start of February, news on training opportunities can be found on Facebook at The page is an information platform complementary to the KNOLL website and is updated by trainees. In particular, KNOLL aims to reach potential trainees more quickly via Facebook. Trainer Dirk Reiner is responsible for monitoring.



Energy Savings - Guaranteed!


Our PQ-Tronic control technology provides optimized energy for high-pressure pumps. Proper pump design, elimination of "overflow", and the use of speed-controlled motors can reduce costs by up to 70 %.


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