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Product news

ControLube MQL system

Sprinter with excellent technique


What is special about this system?

  • Regulated injection technology with a short response time (0.1 s)
  • Oil quantity (0-400 ml/h) and air pressure (0-20 bar) or air volume (100-2000 l/min) can be adjusted separately
  • No influence on the centrifugal force on the aerosol in the spindle
  • Process monitoring in real time


What are the benefits for the user?

  • Shorter machining times
  • Longer tool service life
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced air/oil consumption


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Plate conveyor

Tough competitor for all applications


What makes it stand out?

  • High level of stability thanks to profiled slated plate belt
  • Long service life thanks to plates without hinges
  • Easy to service thanks to bolted plates
  • Excellent separation of chips and cooling lubricants


Which machines can it be used with?

  • Machines for removing short and long chips in wet and dry machining operations
  • Machines for laser cutting, stamping and nibbling


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Shredder pump TSC 50

Makes short work of big tasks


New centrifugal pump for shredding aluminium chips in return pump stations:

  • Cost-effective alternative to the chip reducer for aluminium
  • Robust design with wear-resistant combination of materials
  • Qmax = 600 l/min, pmax = 2 bar
  • Equipped with standard-dimensioned motor, with mounted inverter as an option


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Screw pump KTS with FU

For added dynamism


Quick tool change solution for machine tools:

  • Shorter cycle times thanks to optimised pump response time of approx. 0.3 s
  • Energy savings created by reducing the start-up current by approx. 70%
  • E-Pass measurement: On-site analysis of and advice about energy saving potential


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Centrifugal pump TG 25

For weaker opponents 


New centrifugal pump for easily contaminated media:

  • Simple design with more efficient hydraulics
  • Qmax = 240 l/min, pmax = 5.8 bar
  • Equipped with standard-dimensioned motor, with mounted inverter as an option


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Displacement pumps

Specialist expanding its talents

Steely and reliable


For customers from the food industry, there are two new displacement pumps in addition to the KNOLL MX eccentric pump:
1. MS threaded spindle pump
2. ML rotary piston pump
Both innovations are free from elastomers and made entirely of high-grade steel.


More information: Screw pump MSrotary pump MLprogressing cavity pump MX


Central systems

What do KNOLL central systems bring into play?


Many end users of machine tools want to break the level of automation in production down to handling of chips and coolants. Space requirements and maintenance costs also come into the equation. This year, KNOLL central systems were in high demand, especially for grinding carbide and high-speed steel.


TS transport system

Operational planning


Every move is carefully thought through. There are many individual permutations of an assembly and transport system. Which is why we proceed from the customer's request through to planning the installation in defined steps. Interfaces are clarified from the outset – nothing stands in the way of an optimal solution.



The interested party provides the necessary input data (e.g. via a hand-drawn sketch).



Determining the workpiece carrier or charge carrier with the interested party.



KNOLL creates a 3D visualisation with real installation components. It shows how the installation could look and the processes could operate.



The 2D diagram contains the precise dimensions. They are crucial to the layout of the hall and record the spatial conditions.



The electrical diagram gives a schematic overview of the electric components in the project planning phase.



Media columns, process control systems and mechanical alternatives are optional.



The constituent parts of the system reappear in the quotation.



Systems that have already been built for similar ranges of application provide inspiration for new innovations.


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Plate conveyor

Robust and versatile


KNOLL Maschinenbau has developed a new plate conveyor  that can be used very flexibly. Due to its structure with slats that are joined hinge-free, it is suitable both for chip removal for wet and dry processing, as well as for the conveying of parts or punching waste, for example, from punch/nibbling machines. With its robustness and reliability, it even distinguishes itself for hot applications such as laser cutting.


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Screw pump KTS 

Cooling lubricant pump with sprinter qualities

With its new frequency inverter and motor firmware, the KNOLL KTS high-pressure pump manages the pressure increase to approximately 100 bar in just 0.3 seconds


KNOLL Maschinenbau is proving that good things can always be improved with the new KTS high-pressure pump, which will be presented at AMB 2016 (Hall 6, Booth C38). Thanks to a new frequency inverter, it is in a position to control its speed in a fraction of a second and thus to contribute to a long-term productivity increase in metal processing.


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The fastest...


0.1 s

An MQL system that thinks ahead: ControLube
meters extremely quickly and accurately in 0.1 s, increases process reliability, makes extremely high speeds possible, regulates oil quantity and air pressure separately

...from 0 to 100

0.3 s 

A KSS pump that regulates everything: KTS
regulates extremely quickly in 0.3 s, reduces cycle times, increases productivity, saves a lot of energy


MQL system ControLube

Working at high pressure toward process advantages


KNOLL presents MQL system with injector technology


The new KNOLL ControLube minimal quantity lubrication system is controlled by a microprocessor and makes use of the injector technology familiar from the automobile industry. It unites the advantages of single- and dual-channel solutions – and has even more to offer.


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New standard filter system type KF 400/1700

Anyone who has purchased a machine tool without or with only rudimentary filter equipment usually retrofits the equipment and cannot wait long for the suitable filter system. For this case, KNOLL now offers the space- and money-saving KF 400/1700 filter system as a modular system with guaranteed quick delivery. Users consult a KNOLL specialist and create solutions from the most-requested components; they receive the system in three weeks. The compact filter has a filter capacity of up to 400 l/min and a 1700-liter coolant container. In addition to the filter and coolant container, its basic equipment includes an electric control cabinet with PLC controller VIPA SLIO including text display, two float switches for level monitoring, as well as holders for a maximum of two centrifugal pumps, a holder for a screw pump, and connection for a continuous-flow cooler. Additional modules are optionally available from the module package. The new KF principle and especially the short delivery time have already been received positively by the market; this is evident from the initial positive feedback.


More informationen to the standard filter system type KF 400/1700

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KF series: The big ones are coming.

KF series are the popular, compactly-constructed belt filters. They work as stand-alone filter units or in combination with chip conveyors and they can be used centrally or decentralized. The advantages of the KF series are clear: a cost-effective large filter can take over the supply of several machines (island solution). For applications with cutting oils, due to the higher viscosity and the resulting reduced filter capacity, frequently a large filter is required in order to achieve the necessary filter capacity. This is the ideal area of application for the KF-E with endless belt. Now there are larger models available in the series (KF 1000/1500/2000), which allow still greater filter capacities. Thus cost-effective island solutions can also be realized for multi-machine supply.


Further informationen to the compact filter KF




KNOLL at GrindTec - still faster and more maintenance-friendly

GrindTec is the world's leading platform for grinding technology – and KNOLL will be there in Augsburg from March 19-22 with MicroPur® and VLO. The focal points are filter systems for the superfine filtration of metal carbide and HSS processing, as well as for gear and profile grinding. New, for example, is an integrated, fully-automatic settling system for the two smallest Micro- Pur® sizes: with simplified installation and removal of filter elements during operation and guaranteed security against leakage. Another innovation is in the KNOLL filter module boxes. They can now be installed directly on the wall. This creates additional free space in the already space-saving filter box system, especially for large systems. Faster and more maintenance-friendly filter change – the newly developed filter element grippers ensure this. And for the first time, you can experience the capacity of the smallest KNOLL MicroPur®120F filter system live in a grinding simulation: this is how dirty oil becomes clean oil.


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Two-on-one shredding and pumping unit

The TSC 65 shredder pump saves on chip disposal and cooling lubricant circulation. That is because the pump is a two-in-one shredding and pumping unit. It features a built-in cutting unit which reliably shortens aluminium chips to a pumpable size of about 10 to 20 mm. This eliminates the need for an additional chip reducer. The short chips are pumped together with the cooling lubricant into a central treatment system where they are separated from the cooling lubricant and recycled. The TSC 65 shredder pump has a volumetric capacity of Q = 200 – 1200 litres per minute and can pump up to a height of 28 metres. It is rated for chip loads of up to 10 grammes per litre. A high gas concentration of up to 25 percent is manageable. The TSC is notable for its rugged design and the use of wear-resistant components. For example, the additional cutting head mounting with silicon-carbide low-friction bearings helps prolong the life of the equipment. The TSC's immersion depth is adaptable. 


Further information to the KNOLL shredder pump TSC


TSS moves heavy loads

Where other systems break down, KNOLL's modular TSS assembly and transport system easily transports loads of 150 to 3000 kg and more per workpiece carrier. Its robust steel construction that ensures great flexural stiffness. Thus the TSS is suitable for clocked belt mounting, small series that vary a lot, the chaining of assembly stations, and also for production in order to automate the transport of workpiece pallets between machine tools. Transport carriages and other devices can be attached and removed and integrated seamlessly into an operation's internal logistics process. KNOLL uses the system itself; with it, KNOLL has been able to more than double the tempo and capacity of assembly and thus also optimize its logistics flows. To learn more:


The clean one: MicroPur® 

There is only one name in oil micro filters for tool grinding: MicroPur®. With its unique features, it sets the standard:

  • Effective backwashing system with separate pump -> for long filter element life
  • Very short backwashing times of < 4 sec. without air -> for high energy efficiency and short filter downtimes
  • Display of differential pressure on housing and operator panel -> for quick localisation of damaged filter elements
  • To ensure optimal filter quality, the differential pressure for regeneration is adjustable on each individual filter case
  • Filter cartridges are arranged in a tandem configuration -> to minimise space requirements
  • Droplet-free filter changing in < 1 min. -> for minimised maintenance and cleaning


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The powerful one: VLO

The new VLO vacuum filter for oil lubricated grinding is a particularly effective solution. It is principally used in the manufacturing of gear cutting machines. Its special design allows up to three filter modules each with a capacity of 300 l/min to be arranged one above the other. Different filtration grades are also possible. For example, machine manufacturers can adapt the filtration capacity of the VLO exactly to the specifications of the machine and the application. Energy wastage and "over-engineering" are a thing of the past.


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The flexible one: KF

The new KF compact filter with continuous roll is well suited to use with oil-based cooling lubricants. Thanks to the regenerative filter fabric, customers save on procurement and disposal costs as well as conserving resources. Oil entrainment in particular is considerably reduced. Thanks to the modular design of the compact filter series, the version with continuous roll is also an alternative option for the tried and tested filtration of cooling lubricant using nonwoven filters. Given changing production requirements, it is easy to change over to the system with continuous roll.


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The transporter: TSS

The TSS accumulating roller conveyor system can comfortably handle loads of up to 3000 kg. The steel construction makes this continuous, highly flexible assembly solution extremely rugged. The system can be installed at ground level or on a frame structure. It is freely extendable and suitable for handling subassemblies, gearboxes, engines, units, casings, white goods and much more. Smooth logistics are assured - whether buffering, separating or precise positioning of assembly and material trolleys. The TSS ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of every step in the assembly process.


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Elastomer-free progressing cavity pump

To convey paints and lacquers and, in particular, to provide resistance to aggressive cleaning agents, KNOLL Maschinenbau has developed an elastomer-free version of its proven MX eccentric screw pump. The solvents used would cause elastomers to swell and ultimately render the pump useless. Instead of using elastomers for the stator and the secondary seals, this MX version uses a highly resistant PTFE. The second innovative feature is a torsion bar made of titanium, which balances the eccentric motion of the rotor and makes universal joints unnecessary. Elastomers seals can also be dispensed with here, because the rotor and drive shaft are shrunk-fitted onto the torsion bar. As a result, the MX eccentric screw pump achieves the required degree of chemical resistance while still retaining the typical characteristics of a KNOLL pump.


More informationen KNOLL progressing cavity pump MX


Flexible combinable.

To KNOLL, conveying means more than just the transportation of chips by using conventional chip conveyors. This is because more and more modern machine-cutting processes are using integrated conveyor systems which employ a combination of extraction and pumping technology. A new addition to our product range is a RIP / RIS conveyor station which can be fully integrated into machining centres and is suitable for both wet and dry machining applications. Up to four feed screws are integrated in the machine bed. They convey all chips produced by metal cutting – with or without coolant – to the coupled disposal station, where they are finally fed into a pump back tank. This is where the RIP and RIS versions are different. The machine's external connection can either be connected to the filtration system (pump back station) or to a central extraction system by a system of pipes.


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Energy efficiency with short ROI.

For KNOLL, the future is high-pressure pumps pre-equipped with frequency inverters - such as the new KTS-H high-pressure screw spindle pump which produces pressures of up to 200 bar. This pump offers energy efficiency coupled with high dynamics - because fast tool changing calls for the quick availability of pressure. The KTS-H is capable of ramping up from 0 to 200 bar in 0.5 seconds - as measured from the start signal and including all reaction times. Due to its high pressure rating, it is particularly well suited to deep drilling processes and small tools.


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Taking compact to the extreme: Filtering, cooling, supply.

The focal point of a study initiated years ago was the design of compact filtration systems requiring a minimum of floor space. KNOLL's designers have succeeded here in designing the KF compact filter in the style of an advertising column. Now, barely one square metre of floor space is required for installation of the tank, filter and pumps. In addition to being scalable in terms of size and capacity, a key feature of this filtration system is the integrated coolant temperature control system.


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Buffers and transports heavy loads.

The TSS transport system is suitable for conveying, buffering, separating and positioning mediumheavy subassemblies and workpieces, such as gearboxes, engines, casings or white goods. The TSS is ideal for cycled flow assembly and for interlinking assembly workstations. In production processes, it makes sense to automate the transportation of workpiece pallets between machining centres. The rugged steel structure offers high flexural rigidity.
Depending on version, the conveyor system can handle loads of up to 1,500 kg/m. Trolleys or other equipment can be transferred in and out unaided. The system can either be set up on the shop floor or mounted on a frame structure. No structural preparations are required for installation. Since the system is modular, it can be planned flexibly and subsequently extended. KNOLL can supply an extensive range of equipment for the TSS, including a 0° - 270° inverter, scissor-lift platforms, and the new workpiece holder wagon for on-site transportation.


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