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Standard system KF 200

Retrofitting a filter system - no problem!


KNOLL Maschinenbau now also offers its space- and money-saving KF 200 compact filter as a modular system with guaranteed quick delivery. As with the KF 400, the user can create an appropriate solution from various components and receive his system in three weeks. New in the toolbox is an interface for a lifting pump and float switch supplied by the customer.


Many operations work with machine tools without or with only sufficient filter equipment. For anyone who wants to change this, whether to avoid high concentrations or to work with high pressure, KNOLL Maschinenbau, Bad Saulgau, offers its KF compact filter as a (retrofittable) modular system. The standard filter systems, which can be configured within a specified framework, are therefore cost-effective and available for delivery within just three weeks.


Since the KF 400/1700 (400 l/min delivery rate and 1700 l tank capacity) has already established itself successfully, in fall 2017 KNOLL will expand its offerings like this to include the KF 200/950. It offers a delivery rate of 200 l/min (with emulsion in steel processing) and a 950 l tank, which means that it is even more space-saving than its big brother. Otherwise, KNOLL, a leading supplier of conveying and filter systems for chips and cooling lubricants in the metal machining sector, has left the family concept largely unchanged.


The basis is a belt filter, which is suitable for cleaning cooling lubricants for chip-creating working processes such as turning, drilling, and milling. It achieves a filter fineness of nominally 30 μm with filter fleece PW70/70. The unchangeable basic equipment includes, in addition to the filter itself, an electric control cabinet with PLC controller VIPA SLIO and text display.


Furthermore, two level sensors for level monitoring are integrated. There are connections for a maximum of two low-pressure pumps, one high-pressure pump, and a continuous-flow cooler.

Depending on the area of application, the customer can select the pump equipment: either he selects one or two centrifugal pumps for external coolant supply (capacity between 2.7 and 11.5 bar and up to 200 l) or he selects the high-pressure variant, a screw pump for internal coolant supply. Here, there are three possibilities from which to choose: with Vario valve (up to 70 bar), with frequency converter/PQ-Tronic and Vario valve (up to 70 bar) or permanently-set pressure limiting valve (up to 40 bar). As additional options, KNOLL offers a duplex switch filter as well as a continuous-flow cooler either for oil or emulsion. A hose package for connecting the cooler to the coolant container is also available for order.


Because the compact filter is frequently combined with existing chip conveyors, KNOLL has decided upon an additional option: with the introduction of the KF 200/950, the customer can also install additional electrics for a lifting pump and float switch supplied by the customer. For this, he must only specify the appropriate performance data for the pump motor on the order sheet. Of course this offer also applies for all newly-ordered KF 400/1700 systems.  





The KNOLL standard filter system family is growing: the configurable KF 200/950 compact filter is high-performance, delivered quickly, and cost-effective.