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Displacement pumps

A wide variety of pumps from a single source

KNOLL Maschinenbau expands its program of displacement pumps


For many years, KNOLL displacement pumps have performed demanding conveying tasks in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries, as well as in the chemical, color, paint, and paper industries. In order to offer customers a wide variety of pumps from a single source, in addition to its successful MX progressing cavity pump and KTSV screw pumps, KNOLL is now including the ML rotary pump and the MS double screw pump as part of its program.


Rotating displacement pumps convey media using mechanically-moved displacement elements. Thanks to conveying chambers that remain stable, a linearly-controllable and very gentle product conveying is possible, even with different pressure ratios. Therefore, these displacement pumps are used especially for volumetric metering tasks and conveying viscous to highly-viscous media.


No other type of pump can manage such a broad spectrum of fluid properties: from thick to thin, homogenous to lumpy, lubricating to abrasive, neutral to aggressive. Accordingly, the selection of the correct pump type is crucial. With the MX, ML, and MS, as well as the KTSV, KNOLL offers rotating displacement pumps in a wide variety of models in order to offer customers an economical pump solution for every application case.


Successful MX progressing cavity pump


The KNOLL MX progressing cavity pump has already been on the market for more than ten years; its design features noteworthy details. The most important characteristic of this pump is its construction with EvenWall® technology, which provides numerous advantages as compared to conventional designs. The MX progressing cavity pump achieves much greater pressure stability, less backflow, longer durability, better efficiency, less shearing of the product, and better suction behavior. In addition, with a closed chamber, the MX pump provides pressure of at least 10 bar, while conventional progressing cavity pumps are limited to 4 to 6 bar. Thanks to its multi-stage construction, the MX progressing cavity pump achieves pressures of up to 80 bar.


All of KNOLL's MX progressing cavity pumps are constructed in modular fashion. For the popular MX 20, for example, there are nine pump sizes, which enable customers to adjust the delivery rate or delivery pressure according to their needs. A typical characteristic of the MX progressing cavity pump is its hygienic suitability. CIP and SIP cleaning are standard. This means the pump is constructed with little dead space and so that it can be cleaned where it is used without dismounting. The material selection, constructive arrangement of the O-rings and surface properties fulfill the guidelines according to EHEDG, QHD, GMP, and 3A.


New KNOLL pumps for the food industry


New in the KNOLL program are ML rotary pumps, which are extremely well-suited for highly-demanding conveying tasks due to their robust construction. Their small space requirement, maintenance-friendly construction, and reliability make rotary pumps the most frequently-used displacement pumps in the food industry.
KNOLL currently offers the ML series in eight sizes and with three different rotor designs. Thus, areas of application up to a delivery rate of 300 m³/h and for pressures up to 20 bar are covered. The ML rotary pumps are both CIP and SIP-capable. Optional, the complete pump can be made entirely of stainless steel including the bearing block.


Also new is the KNOLL MS double screw pump, which can be used very flexibly thanks to its very wide speed range. It is suitable both for conveying viscous products as well as CIP cleaning use, so that no additional CIP centrifugal pump is required. There is no need for bypass lines with valves.


The MS double screw pumps are high-performance units manufactured to tight tolerances, which thanks to their touchless, elastomer-free conveying elements and other advantages are suitable precisely for the food sector. With their pulsation-free, axial conveying without direction change, they guarantee gentle product conveying.


Proven in chemistry and mechanical engineering


The KNOLL KTSV screw pump has proven itself time after time as a self-priming displacement pump for lubricating and low-abrasion media in the chemical industry and in various areas of mechanical engineering. It distinguishes itself through its compact design and great versatility. Thus it is suitable for conveying media with viscosities of 0.5 to 2,000,000 mPas. In addition, it can withstand pressure up to 150 bar and it is especially temperature-resistant. Ceramic cladding makes the spindle housing wear-resistant. Thanks to its very low pulsation, the KTSV can also be used for numerous dosing tasks. If necessary it – like all the displacement pumps offered – is adapted by KNOLL engineers individually to customer requirements.  




B01_Knoll_MX 20-S

The KNOLL MX progressing cavity pumps are – from the small MX10 to the MX50 version – available in many standard models. There are suction, hopper, submerged, and double plate versions. Images: KNOLL Maschinenbau 



The design of the MX progressing cavity pumps in EvenWall® technology indicates: the stator jacket has been adapted to match the inner contour of the elastomer and is coated with a uniform 4 to 12 mm thick elastomer layer. 



New in the KNOLL program are the robust ML rotary pumps, which are especially well-suited for highly-demanding conveying tasks.   



The KNOLL MS double screw pump can be used very flexibly thanks to its very wide speed range.



Principle of the KNOLL MS pump: the touchless double spindles.



The KNOLL KTSV screw pump is suitable for conveying media with viscosities of 0.5 to 2,000,000 mPas. In addition, it is high-pressure capable up to 150 bar.