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Management principles

Results orientation
Our managers know that in management the primary concern is the results. We are happy and proud of the results of our work and the effectiveness with which it is performed. 


Contribution to the whole
Our managers think and act holistically and in entrepreneurial fashion. They have the important task of visualizing the „big picture“ for the employees. Contribution orientation is the basis of all customer orientation and requires the creation of customer value.


Concentration on the essential
Our managers concentrate with stamina on few things, but the essential ones. The discipline of concentrating on a small number of carefully-selected focal points is the key to the good results.


Use of strengths
Our managers use the existing strengths of our employees instead of eliminating their weaknesses. They take people as they are and design work so that their strengths become visible in the results.


Our managers create mutual trust and thus a robust management situation. The basis of this is a generous attitude oriented toward the well-being of others. Errors by employees are errors by the boss. Errors by the boss are errors by the boss. The employees‘ successes belong to the employees. The successes of the boss belongs to everyone.


Positive and constructive thinking
Our managers do not wait from motitvation from others, instead they motivate themselves. In case of difficulties and problems, they seek the opportunities.

Management principles