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Conveyor and filtering system (pump technology)

Conveyor and filtering system (pump technology)

Areas of application

The circuit system is suitable for the fully automatic return of the chip/cooling-lubricant mixture of several processing machines to a central separator/filter. This central separator/filter supplies the machines with cleaned cooling lubricant. The system is used in large production areas with a machine train of 30 and more machines and as an island solution (wet processing).



  • High flexibility in the erection or changeover of the machine train
  • Low space requirement due to above-floor pipelines
  • No plant components within the hall floors
  • Low maintenance and upkeep


Main components

  • Chip conveyor (optional)
  • Chip reducer (optional)
  • Pump-back stations
  • Return pipework
  • Chip pre-separator (optional)
  • Dirt and/or clean tank
  • Cooling-lubricant filter plant (e.g. band filter or reversible flow filter)
  • Supply pump(s)
  • Flow pipework
  • Pressure-increasing stations, centralised or decentralised (optional)
  • Control technology
  • Downstream chip processing system (optional)