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Practical training

Practical training opens up the opportunity to gain experience and to flesh out one's preferred career choices. KNOLL offers students and school pupils practical-training placements.

School pupils

The purpose of practical training for school pupils is to enable pupils to find out more about the working world, the job market and occupations requiring training before they make their final decision. Periods of practical training for school pupils are usually one week in duration. You have the opportunity to complete practical training in all the KNOLL occupations requiring training. To process your application, we require your letter of application, résumé (CV) and the last two certificates.

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Preparatory practical training imparts the basics of mechanical engineering. The practical relevance of the practice semester and final work report is carried over to the content of the studies. A further benefit is that it allows students to establish initial contacts with the working world and the job market. The duration of the preparatory practical training / practice semester is dependent on the college or university attended.


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