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KNOLL is represented on the market by a broad range of products for feeding, filtering and pumping contaminated coolants and chips. These systems are particularly effective in fully automatic supply and disposal applications and offer interesting solutions. Highly flexible transport systems complete the KNOLL product portfolio. The company specialises in customised system solutions with centralised or decentralised functions.


20 - 23 March 2018

Anuga FoodTec, Cologne/Germany


Leading global trade fair for the international food and beverage industry


We are looking forward to your visit in hall 10.2, booth E-008.


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22 - 24 March 2018



Reference fair for the manufacturing industry


We are looking forward to your visit at our booth A45 in hall 4.1!


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Product news

ControLube MQL system

Sprinter with excellent technique


What is special about this system?

  • Regulated injection technology with a short response time (0.1 s)
  • Oil quantity (0-400 ml/h) and air pressure (0-20 bar) or air volume (100-2000 l/min) can be adjusted separately
  • No influence on the centrifugal force on the aerosol in the spindle
  • Process monitoring in real time


What are the benefits for the user?

  • Shorter machining times
  • Longer tool service life
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced air/oil consumption


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Plate conveyor

Tough competitor for all applications


What makes it stand out?

  • High level of stability thanks to profiled slated plate belt
  • Long service life thanks to plates without hinges
  • Easy to service thanks to bolted plates
  • Excellent separation of chips and cooling lubricants


Which machines can it be used with?

  • Machines for removing short and long chips in wet and dry machining operations
  • Machines for laser cutting, stamping and nibbling


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Energy Savings - Guaranteed!


Our PQ-Tronic control technology provides optimized energy for high-pressure pumps. Proper pump design, elimination of "overflow", and the use of speed-controlled motors can reduce costs by up to 70 %.


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Presse releases

GrindTec 2018

For the cleanest possible cooling lubricant


In superfinishing, requirements for precision and surface quality are increasing constantly. The finer the chipping, the greater the share of superfine particles in the grinding oil, which in turn endangers the quality of the processing results. KNOLL Maschinenbau will demonstrate at GrindTec 2018 how it is possible to break this spiral with state-of-the-art filter technology.


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Standard system KF 200

Retrofitting a filter system - no problem!


KNOLL Maschinenbau now also offers its space- and money-saving KF 200 compact filter as a modular system with guaranteed quick delivery. As with the KF 400, the user can create an appropriate solution from various components and receive his system in three weeks. New in the toolbox is an interface for a lifting pump and float switch supplied by the customer.


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EMO 2017

Innovation showcase regarding cooling lubricants and chips


At the EMO 2017 (Hall 7, Stand C22), KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH, Bad Saulgau, will show how productivity in metalworking can be increased – by new cooling lubricant pumps as well as by minimal quantity lubrication, by means of appropriate filter technology and through conveyor belts that satisfy even extreme applications.


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Centrifugal pumps T

New cooling lubricant pumps increase productivity


KNOLL Maschinenbau, known as a leading provider of cooling lubricant systems, produces the centrifugal pumps required in-house. At EMO 2017, the company will present a new line of pumps that incorporates KNOLL's experiences in recent years. Many and various improvements have been made with respect to performance, economy, and wear, and the pumps' consistently modular structure helps keep delivery times extremely short.


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Plate conveyor P

Greater reliability in sheet metal processing

KNOLL plate conveyors are robust and versatile


If during laser cutting hot liquid metal drips down or fine hard chips and thin sheet metal waste fall during punching and nibbling, this may not become a problem for the underlying conveyor systems. Strap hinge conveyors meet their limits with such applications. Not so the KNOLL plate conveyors. They handle even these tasks reliably.


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Screw pump MS

Convey flexibly and without harming the product


The MS screw pump from KNOLL Maschinenbau is a high-performance unit designed especially for conveying tasks in the food industry. However, it also exhibits its many advantages in the cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 


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Progressing cavity pump

Precisely-dosed chocolate for sandwich cookies


Wherever cookies, waffles, and cakes have to be filled or coated with sweet delicacies, Wiegers systems are in great demand. To convey and dose these viscous media, in most cases the Dutch system supplier uses KNOLL progressing cavity pumps that are activated with servo gear motors.


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Progressing cavity pump MX

Whether foamy, liquid or pasty...

With KNOLL progressing cavity pumps, a wide variety of liquids can be filled


Filling systems must fulfill many different requirements, which depend on the medium in question, the quantities to be conveyed and dosed, and the user's special requests. With KNOLL MX progressing cavity pumps, the system manufacturer Bünder & Schmitt uses components that can be custom-configured for any use case. 


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Displacement pumps

A wide variety of pumps from a single source

KNOLL Maschinenbau expands its program of displacement pumps


For many years, KNOLL displacement pumps have performed demanding conveying tasks in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries, as well as in the chemical, color, paint, and paper industries. In order to offer customers a wide variety of pumps from a single source, in addition to its successful MX progressing cavity pump and KTSV screw pumps, KNOLL is now including the ML rotary pump and the MS double screw pump as part of its program.


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MicroPur® versus precoat filters 

Efficient, environmental advantages
Backflushable superfine filter systems are replacing precoat filters in hard metal, HSS and cast material grinding


Companies that want to compete in the metalworking sector have to pay attention to ongoing costs. There are now powerful alternatives to conventional, expensive precoat filters for cleaning superfine particles out of grinding oils. These alternatives can achieve filter fineness less than 3 µm and do not use filter consumables. The MicroPur® superfine filter from KNOLL Maschinenbau is particularly efficient.


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Progressing cavity pump MX

From baking practice: Soaked goods dosed gently


In the model as a submersible pump with mobile stand, the KNOLL MX progressing cavity pump handles the dosing of soaked goods. It thus relieves the baker of heavy manual work and ensures time and productivity gains.

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Assembly and transport system

Less space and time required - Cross member assembly profits from new KNOLL TS transport system


With the assembly and transport system from KNOLL Maschinenbau, Hörmann Automotive Penzberg/Germany was able to reduce the space required for truck cross member assembly to approximately one-quarter of what was previously required. The time required was reduced by approximately 50 percent. In addition to the conversion to line production, integrated process control technology provided by KNOLL made a significant contribution to this.


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Progressing cavity pump MX

Sugar-covered - KNOLL progressing cavity pump in the baked goods industry


In the enrobing machine of Bakon Food Equipment, the KNOLL MX20R progressing cavity pump ensures reliable pumping of sensitive media such as chocolate and fondant. After cakes and other baked goods have run through the machine, they are covered evenly with a sweet coating.


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Progressing cavity pump MX

Constant pressure and flow rate

KNOLL's MX50S progressing cavity pump ensures quick unloading of trucks full of liquid yeast


Leiber GmbH is known as a producer of many high-quality specialty yeast products. The starting material is liquid beer yeast, which is delivered by truck. In order to unload the tankers quickly and convey the yeast gently to processing, Leiber uses a MX50S progressing cavity pump from KNOLL.


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Superfine filter MicroPur®


Cooling lubricant cleaning in XXL
In hard machining, Emuge employs a central grinding oil cleaning approach with KNOLL MicroPur® filters


The Emuge plant in Lauf has expanded its production capacities. Among areas affected is carbide metalworking, which has been assigned a new hall and additional machines. During this phase, those responsible also converted the grinding oil cleaning system: Instead of having individual filtering equipment at each machine, a central system from KNOLL Maschinenbau with a maximum capacity of approx. 7000 l/min ensures an especially pure oil quality. Core elements are the back-flushable MicroPur® superfine filters.


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Assembly and Transport System

Creating a complete internal logistics system with new components


KNOLL Maschinenbau's assembly and transport system features a consistently modular toolbox principle and with new components, it can be expanded into an innovative internal logistics system. This is how the former TSS accumulation roller conveyor is now supported by the new TSG belt system, which features a straight-tongue chain as its core element. Another TSZ transport system relies on the use of an underfloor chain. The power and safety designs are now available in toolbox fashion for the entire mechanical toolbox.


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